How Can We Rebuild Our Society?


How Can We Rebuild Our Society?

How Can We Rebuild Our Society? 1

We have to be clear about the nature of the society that people want – to be able to use government deficit spending to restore a new culture from the rubble of the old broken one what we have destroyed. At the chance of repeating myself, we go here. How can we rebuild our society? 1. Education, education, education.

Invest in our people. We have to teach our people well – teach them to think for themselves. This may be dangerous for politicians but if politicians are to be truly providing the social people, they must allow the people to care for themselves. Are our politicians deliberately ruining our education system so that they can control people?

When people are well trained, they do not need government subsidy to endure. Pay educators well. Draw in versatile people to teach – educators who can induce the thoughts of teenagers to greater levels. We are able to improve our education system by building at the top what we have. Language is a secondary factor. Invention and Creativity and the ability to think can be trained in virtually any lanuage. 2. Private investment, private investment, private investment. If the federal government can make an effort to bring assurance to foreign traders about fairness and justice on their behalf, cannot the national authorities do the same for local private investors?

The precondition for private investment to be forthcoming is self-confidence in the environment that people are investing in – that the investors can benefit from the fruits of their own labour, rather than having their attempts sabotaged. The necessity to build and solidify confidence need to emphasised again and again. Fair policy. Security. Law and order. Allow people decide where and how much to invest – do not micromanage them.

They assume their own risks. 3. Government deficit spending. To get a developing overall economy like Malaysia, there is still a need to design and build a competent and productive operating environment. After the preconditions for private investment is there, a complete comprehensive supply chain needs to be build. We have done enough for ports and sea ports and highways in major metropolitan areas.

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We now need to stimulate development in the outlying areas where in fact the potential for agriculture is excellent. We need to link these outliers to the exterior world. We need to create a system of efficient service, transport and communications especially, from the ground up. We really need the people on the ground to work – rather than taking tea breaks and annual leave and doing personal chores.

4. Produce, produce, produce. We must get our people to produce services and goods, rather than encouraging visitors to consume. People empower themselves when they are able to contribute to society by doing something that is effective to society. People must continue steadily to work hard, produce, save and make investments. It is an utterly misguided plan to encourage visitors to consume until they may be seriously indebted. Produce, produce, produce. Save, save, save.