Today, ASICS revealed the world´s first running track to train your brain: a custom-built 150-metre course in London, England, which is cloaked in darkness without tech, no music, no landscape, no comforts and no finish range. The `ASICS Blackout Track´ originated in collaboration with sports researchers and top instructors to remove all distractions and encourage joggers to truly concentrate on synchronising the mind and body.

Today, Olympic medallist and Marathon record holder Deena Kastor (USA), adventurer Danny Bent (UK) and professional and physics graduate Aarif Lee (Hong Kong) were the first ever to run the monitor within a 10k `mental marathon´. Each ran 66 laps in near darkness without any of the most common comforts.

Deena Kastor ran the fastest time, just 37 minutes and 16 mere seconds. Tomorrow, Global Running Day (6th June), the track will play host to a scientific experiment to show that mental strength is as important to athletic success as physical fitness. 10 joggers will race for 5k on the track in normal conditions – lighting on, music playing, crowds cheering – then competition 5k again in the darkness, with white noise to muffle sound, no motivation, technology or feedback. How will the results of crowd cheering affect athletes like Iwan Thomas, Dewi Griffiths and Susie Chan?

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Stripped of tech, what pacing decisions will they make? June Full results from the test will be distributed past due. Paul Miles, Chief Marketing Officer, ASICS Corporation. Finally, 20 additional joggers will be testing the track on 7th and 8th June within a series of test works. The ASICS Blackout Track is the ideal test pad for the 25th iteration of ASICS industry-benchmark running footwear, GEL-KAYANOTM 25; the first ever footwear to feature FlyteFoamTM Lyte and FlyteFoamTM Propel technology.

In the dark, athletes will feel the difference as the technologies interact to help absorb impact and propel them forward whilst providing the best comfort and stability to go the distance. To give runners a flavor of the track all over the place, Human Performance Coach Chevy Rough has shared tips on getting the most out of running performance on the ASICS website. ASICS is also increasing the challenge to the RunkeeperTM app which features a new `ASICS Move YOUR BRAIN Challenge´.

Runners can compare their regular runs to ones without any sound cues and notifications on. The ASICS Blackout Track brings to life the ASICS brand platform `I MOVE ME´TM; harmonising body and mind to allow optimum performance. The track is inspired by a technique long practiced by distance runners who train your brain by running on loops of the mile or two without any technology.