The Zombie Cyclist


The Zombie Cyclist

Log of my last seven weeks of cycling. I shall comment on this record over the course of this post. I confess I have a Facebook addiction. The silver lining is that my compulsive reading of Facebook helps me keep up with some of my friends. Facebook accounts, but his wife Susan will.

Thus, it was on Facebook that I then found out about Paul’s bicycle accident. Like Paul, I am also at an instant of truth, albeit a less severe one, and one predicated on physical fitness rather than protection. As a total result, I took Paul’s remarks more seriously than I would have otherwise.

My “moment” of truth (an instant that has lasted weeks) is seen in the chart at the top of this post simply by looking at the color of the “min/wk” column close to the middle of the graph. This color is based on the medical community’s exercise suggestions. In homage to the childrens’ publication series, I am going to describe it was Some Unfortunate Events. The first series of events, not unfortunate overall but which had an unfortunate effect on my cycling, was an uptick in my social life, a combination of out of town visitors and trips.

During the nine weeks I was riding regularly, I came across that bicycling plus routine tasks (cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning) consumed 100% of my energy and time, leaving no right time to care for anything else. Thus, while i had to prepare for two weeks of challenging travel somewhat, the only way I could do that was to abandon my cycling.

During the following weeks, much welcomed house guests, babysitting, and dealing with my wife’s property held me from reestablishing my routine. After four weeks of that, a really unfortunate event happened. My granddaughter developed a respiratory syncytial virus infection, and as happens sometimes, it was severe enough to send her to the hospital for weekly. During that week, between running errands on her behalf parents and visiting her in a healthcare facility, I had little time and no energy left for cycling. And then, of course, I captured her pathogen and I used to be sick as your dog.

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As I write this six weeks later, I am still coughing. ONCE I first became ill, my symptoms were severe; I had a fever, muscle ache, and did nothing but rest in bed. After a couple of days, I got over the most severe of my symptoms and sensed like I put nothing worse than a bad cool. In response, I again started riding, albeit easy 30 minute rides around my community extremely.

Despite being very easy, they ended up being too much; your day after even those easy rides I came across my symptoms reproducibly got worse. So, I stopped endeavoring to ride altogether, and it was only two weeks later that I resumed easy rides. They seemed to go well, therefore i resumed my “medium” (Pace) trips, my standard 2 hour/23 mile trip.

My son had been urging me to try yoga exercise for some time, so I did yoga on one of my off times as well. This was a disaster! My illness got much worse, and I have completely ended riding again until I am symptom free. This means I’ll have lost a great deal of fitness, and worse, gotten out of the routine that I had worked so difficult to construct, but I don’t see that I’ve a choice. So what about Eroica randonneuring and California?