Given The Mixed Results Of Past Studies


Given The Mixed Results Of Past Studies

Prior books relating investments in IT to the effect on companies has focused mainly on positive results such as productivity gains or financial returns. Kohli and Davaraj (2003) and Melville et al. Given the mixed results of previous studies, our use of the investor’s perspective has an alternative explanation about how exactly IT investments may have an optimistic effect on strong performance. We will briefly discuss some of the key studies related to calculating the impact from it investments on company performance and then clarify why using downside risk as an alternative measure is practical.

Fassil: In the last hours of the release day, Paul and I met with regulators and officials of the federal government companies. The regulators and officials generally communicated to us the type of programs that work for Ethiopia at this time of development are short courses targeted at training almost all professionals that work within the financial institutions. That’s why we identified the Investment Foundations Program to be the best fit for our need right here at this point in time. Obviously, we have to get more enrollments in the CFA Program and we need more CFA Charterholders in Ethiopia.

The beauty of the CFA designation is that everyone goes through the same education and examination process around the world. I’ve the same certification as a person who passed the examinations in Hong Kong, New York or London. The CFA Program is preferred for professionals in accountancy highly, those employed in the banks and students graduating with degrees in business and economics from universities and colleges around Ethiopia.

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I have seen individuals with degrees in history; some in medication, others in physics or engineering which have studied the CFA Program, passed the exams and be CFA charterholders. Capital: Just how many individuals have taken the courses so far and how do you rank its affordability? Fassil: The amounts of professionals which have used the Investment Foundations Program are significantly less than 5 and that’s because they had to fly from the country to sit for the exams.

Based on the reviews we collected after the launch event, we can get the figures up because of this program quickly pretty. The CFA Program is a much harder and robust program. Up to now, I am the only Ethiopian origins CFA Charterholder supporting business in Ethiopia. A couple of two other charterholders that work for investment firms around.

I know there are very a few, less than 5 probably, that are currently taking the exams. It really is quite obvious that people have lots of work cut out for us to obtain additional professionals been trained in the investment profession. I was based out of SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA before I shifted to Ethiopia and I previously belonged to the CFA Society in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA where we had more than 5,000 charterholders. The CFA designation is broadly accepted across the world. The work that I do is to market the CFA Institute and the programs, which I hope will be a positive contribution to the profession that we all need to develop our economy.

The enrollment and exam fee for the Investment Foundations Program is USD 250. I would recommend a classroom-based tuition, that will cost additional fees in local money. We must produce the prices for the classroom-based tuition yet. Capital: Who is recommended to consider these exams and what exactly are the advantages of getting the qualification in Investment Foundation Program and the CFA Program? Fassil: Professionals working within the finance institutions, such as, banking institutions, insurance companies, micro finance establishments and ECX are suggested to consider the Investment Foundations Program certification.