Easy Methods To Make The Factory LCD Work On Eonon GA5151F Android Car DVD Player?


Easy Methods To Make The Factory LCD Work On Eonon GA5151F Android Car DVD Player?

06-’09 fashions the LCD will nonetheless present local weather control information and gentle up The GA5151F Android Car DVD Player has a CAN Bus module so it is going to present information on the screen. The short reply is generally. The lengthy reply is on the ’04-’05 fashions the LCD won’t work at all without modification.

On the ’06-’09 fashions the LCD will nonetheless present local weather control data and light up The GA5151F Android Car DVD Player has a CAN Bus module so it should show information on the display screen. But what it reveals just relies upon on your automotive. The time/trip pc on the far left will not be obtainable though.

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And theoretically, 2005 & 2004 Mazda 3 doesn’t have CAN BUS system, the little LED can’t show. But one in every of our customer has a special approach to gentle up the LED, please observe his steps to make it. These two threads were wrote by our followers seanlin08 and Lokiel. Just as Lokiel stated: My real pleasure and joy is my 2004 Mazda MSM and the SP23 is my DD since apparently nobody can see MX5’s in rush hour and that i had method too many near misses.

SWAPPING LCD to 2006/2007 UNIT (solely relevant to 2004/2005 Mazda 3s): According to every part I’d researched, I needed to replace the LCD with one from a 2006/2007 since the 2004/2005 Mazda 3 LCDs are completely different. If you do not do the changeover, all that gets displayed on the LCD is the A/C information.

By default, the 2004/2005 LCDs haven’t got a trip laptop (I now know that they do, it’s available for those who press the OEM Head Unit’s FM1/2 and CD key concurrently for a couple of seconds – but I digress). I purchased a 2006 LCD with pigtail hooked up and proceeded to change its pigtail to mate it to the manufacturing unit Head Unit harness as per the next pinouts: OEM Head Unit Harness wires stripped.

There are 7 wires that must be linked between the LCD pigtail and the OEM Head Unit harness. I had some 4-wire and 3-wire pigtail connectors so I used one of each to attach the LCD pigtail and Head Unit harness. Regarding the digital camera’s crimson Reversing Trigger Cable/Wire: I tried the digital camera without connecting the purple wire and it worked so I didn’t have to fret about it. I could not find this written anywhere and wasted quite a lot of time researching this (ought to have just tried it first). Btw, if in case you have 2010-2013 Mazda 3, then please choose our GA5163F Mazda three Navigation, it should fit your car like a glove.

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