Foreign Investment Opportunities, FDI Statistics, Company Data, Trade And Tariff Data


Foreign Investment Opportunities, FDI Statistics, Company Data, Trade And Tariff Data

The Investment Map data source collects yearly FDI statistics for approximately 200 countries and detailed FDI sectoral and/or country break down for about 115 countries. The Investment Map helps Investment Promotion Agencies identify concern sectors and contending countries for foreign investments, as well as potential and existing international investors. Moreover, it can help companies identify potential locations for investment abroad.

The following instances consider a business carried on personally, and on the other hand where in fact the business is continued through a CCPC but without the refundable corporate and business tax. 200,000 in year 1. The after-tax business income is invested by the end of year 1. The return on investment income is 5% per year. Case 1: Taxpayer keeps on the business individually. 200,000 business income net of 50% tax) is committed to a non-registered account.

Case 2: Taxpayer keeps on the business through a CCPC. 200,000 business income net of 13% taxes) is invested and maintained in the organization. 182,700 before taxes, and the utmost after-tax amount of the income is distributed to the taxpayer as a dividend. 100,000 after taxes on this portion of the dividend. 2,500 after tax for this portion of the dividend.

100,000 amount from the no deferral case. 200,000, the quantity of tax-exempt income will differ. This aspect is entrenched in the tax policy literature also, and it is discussed in some detail in the Warren and Halperin article cited in notice 3 above. See Example 1 in the Appendix. See Example 2 in the Appendix. Subsection 129(4), “income or loss”, which is effectively integrated into the draft definition of “adjusted aggregate investment income”. See note 12 about the proposals in the July 18 Consultation Document.

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