Confessions OF THE Makeup Addict


Confessions OF THE Makeup Addict

Running out of places to store all of your makeup tools? Cheap, quick, easy, and adorable! 5. You can use a needle and a thread to sew the pieces together, that is a little more time though consuming. 2.A couple of sheets of experienced or any type of material so long as it’s heavy or dark enough to where you can’t see through it.

Felt is significantly less than 50 cents a piece. 3.A clean empty can or a pencil holder. I selected an old can of Great Value blended nuts. 5.Eyeliner/lipliner or Marker to attract out the designs for trimming your materials. First, heat up your glue gun. In case your materials is dense and heavy, keep the temp on high.

1. Wrap your material across the can, ensuring it firmly suits. If the felt is long on the ends too, you can cut them off after you glue it later. If you’re utilizing a felt sheet, theres a chance that it might not be long enough to go around the can.

Mine was lacking about an in . in length, but I could stretch the material out with a little elbow grease. 2. Apply a member of family line of glue on the finish of one of the edges. Place the other end of the material at the top, press together quickly and firmly and hold for approximately 10 sec.

  • Prevents aging sign for as long as it can
  • 1 tablespoon floor oatmeal
  • A loose fitted white tee
  • Foundation Help
  • 1960’s Make-up – Illustrated 1963 Tutorial

If you wait around more than 15 seconds to press, the glue will cool and it will not stay well. 3. If you’re like me and don’t do exact measurements, cut off the left materials on the bottom and the surface of the can, make an effort to cut and cut straight and equally. 4. If you’d like, you can leave an inches of material left at the top, glue the within of it and press it down within the rim and into the can. You can also cut out a circle of thought, and glue it to the bottom of the can, but it’s entirely optional.

5. Now could be the part where you get to be creative! You can decorate with cut out bits of material. You can make hearts, blooms, butterflies or whatever suites you best. A flower was chosen by me and layered it to provide it a dimensional look. I took leaves from fake flowers and glued them underneath the petals on both sides. Make sure you decorate leading, and keep carefully the glued end in the comparative back! Remember that you don’t need to be precise about your cutting and glueing with your decorations. My petals were sloppy done very quickly and, but it’s still pretty and has that amazing hand-made look to it. Imperfections makes it unique. It provides a nice touch to your vanity, doesn’t it?