“Style My Meal” Instagram Photo Contest


“Style My Meal” Instagram Photo Contest

GlobalWebIndex reviews that the average Internet user spends 28% of their online time on cultural press sites. 47% of Millennials say their purchase decisions are inspired by social media. 84% of social mass media users worldwide have “liked” or implemented a brand or product on cultural. Source: Social Media Channel Strategy for Brands: Where Are Your Consumers? Campaign Kickoff Post: Upload your very best meal presentation ready with @TheHungryBadger package for to be able to win a free of charge year membership! StyleMyMeal. We’ll feature the best access on our Instagram page. Entry rules are on the competition website landing page. Deadline to get into is midnight on 9/10 at nighttime ET. This is informative really! I like your ideas and how much thought you placed into it. The hashtags are something I also used in my ideas and I believe they shall be very effective. Instagram contests are a great way to create engagement with your business.

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