Net Lease Properties & Triple Net Leased Commercial PROPERTY


Net Lease Properties & Triple Net Leased Commercial PROPERTY

Net Lease Properties has information on the refinancing of the retail center. 4.8 million which will be secured by the Walgreen’s-anchored retail middle. The terms of this commercial loan are a 15-season, fixed-rate commercial loan. LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE Company. The commercial property financing retired a maturing “Commercial Backed Mortgage Securities” CMBS loan.

This net lease property is a 26,355-square-foot building, a Walgreen’s-anchored retail center. This commercial property is leased to four tenants, Walgreen’s, MW Cleaners, Smashburger and Blockbuster. The commercial property was completed in 1998 and located in the West University part of Houston. A more specific location of the net lease property reaches 5220 – 5280 Buffalo Speedway.

The West University Corner can be found at the intersection of Bissonnet Street and Buffalo Speedway close to Greenway Plaza, US 59 and Rice University in the Houston neighborhood. There are many benefits of Net Lease Investments in using a 1031 tax exchange. Unlike other investments, commercial real estate is a superb tax saver and can help you defer capital increases tax by using the 1031 exchange.

  • Clementi Mall
  • Capital receives interest
  • Foundations’ increasing fascination with “sector agnostic” methods to solving cultural problems
  • Understand the return on offer and whether it will compensate for the risks
  • Services and Goods donated revenue

For the quarter January 1, 2018 – March 31, 2018 interest rate is 7.3% this means KVP maturity time is 118 weeks. One benefit of KVP is that KVP certificate can be encashed any time after expiry of two years and six months from the date of problem of Certificate. KVP certificate may be transferred in one person to another with the consent on paper to an official of the POSTOFFICE or Bank or investment company.

From the name of a deceased holder to his heir. From a holder to a courtroom of law or even to some other person under the orders of court of law. From an individual holder to the real titles of joint holders of whom the transferee shall be one. From Joint holders to the true name of one of the joint holders.

From Single or joint holders to another person. A Certificate may be moved from a POSTOFFICE or Bank or investment company of which it stands registered, to any other Post Office or Bank or investment company to the holder or holders making a credit card applicatoin in Form B either at Post Office or Bank or investment company. Nomination facility is provided for the Kisan Vikas Patra. For this Form C needs to be filled. In the event, nomination is not made at the right time of buying the Certificate, it may be made at any time following the purchase of the Certificate but before its maturity.

Another adavntage of KVP is that this certificate can be used as a guarantee against financing from the lender or in other situations where security deposit is needed. 1. Risk free as the profits are set and secure. 2. Some liquidity is provided by it as possible encasehd after 2&1/2 years.

3. It can be pledged as a security. 4. TDS is not deducted on the interest earned. However, it’s the responsibility of the certificate holder to show the interest income and pay the taxes accordingly. 3. There is no tax benefit either so for people who are dropping under income tax slabs there are other better avenues to invest than KVP. That’s all for this topic Kisan Vikas Patra. If you have any doubt or any recommendations to make please drop a comment. Just how many Indians pay tax? Crorepati farmers: taxes them please!