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It seem that Singapore Airlines is reducing budget. Pillows and blankets are available upon demand. The lavatory is of a good size, the same as its newer counterparts almost. The usage of mirrors in it was made by the lavatory look bigger than it really is. Despite the aged look, the lavatory is perfectly maintained. Singapore Airlines places additional amenities such as toothbrush, comb in their lavatory which gets rare for Economy Class onboard other airlines.

On top of these amenities, the typical amenities such as mouth wash, hands moisturiser and hand cleaning soap are also available. Additional amenities provided by Singapore Airlines. Because of this sector of the airline flight, Singapore Airline uses the A330-300. There are 2 different colour tones in the forwards and aft Economy Class cabin. The forward Economy Class cabin has a lighter and more “skyish” colour scheme. Decked out in light light and blue brown, the forwards cabin seems livelier in the choice of color. The aft Economy Class cabin is decked in hues of dark brown, giving it a more earthy feel. Coupled with the use of mood light in the cabin, the Economy Class section feels very comfortable.

Seats are organized in 2-4-2 settings in Singapore Airlines A330-300. As with the previous flight, no blankets and pillows are placed on the seat. However they are available only upon request from the flight attendants. Similar with the previous sector, the lavatory is of a good size and was perfectly lighted.

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Unlike the lavatory in the B777-200 which uses mainly white light, the A330-300 lavatory uses yellowish lighting, rendering it feel comfortable. You will find Hollywood style light in the mirrors of the lavatory onboard this plane. Again the clever use mirrors makes the lavatory feel bigger than it is. The typical amenities such as hands soap, mouth area wash and hands moisturiser are located in the lavatory. On top of these, additional amenities such as toothbrush and combs are also found in the lavatory. Despite its aged look, the seats onboard Singapore Airlines B777-200 are comfortable and well maintained. Because of the thicker cushioning for the chairs, it feels as if the chairs hugs around my own body.

Seats in Economy Class cabin are 32″ in pitch and 17.5″ wide. The legroom is good on the Economy Class cabin. Tray tables will be the standard single piece, which differs from the bi-fold design in their A330-300. The keeping a small glass holder on the back of the tray table is a good design which allows people to stow their beverages when the tray table is folded up.

Seat recline button is available using one of the armrests, as the IFE controller is stored on the other armrest on each chair. Unlike its more modern counterparts, there are no USB or power sockets onboard Singapore Airlines B777-200 aircrafts. The seats onboard Singapore Airlines A330-300 are very comfortable despite appearing to be thinner in the cushioning compared to their B777-200 counterpart. They have a pitch of 32″ and width of 19″. Legroom seem better than the B777-200 in the Economy Class section slightly. The multiple pocket seat pockets is a welcomed addition in the Economy Class section as it allowed me to store various small items which I carried onboard.