China Airlines Taipei To Kalibo In Business Class 737 CI 707


China Airlines Taipei To Kalibo In Business Class 737 CI 707

450 per person, one of many ways TPE-KLO). Since China Airlines is Skyteam I should earn some Delta kilometers, so there’s that. I’ll also get the airfare 3x bonus from Amex. We really didn’t want to take flight Taipei to Manila and then on to Boracay, just because this under-two-week trip had too many legs on it already.

But, this flight was kind of a unicorn – after i first started planning this trip it seemed to exist but didn’t seem to be bookable anywhere. I came across it by booking directly on China Airlines website Eventually. The Taipei airport is far from the city quite, and given that we needed to be at the airport by 5am for a 7am departure, we had to consider an Uber.

33 for the 44km trip. As the 2.5 hour air travel was expensive, springing for Business Class definitely paid off at check-in. There have been huge lines at China Airlines’ Economy Check-in counter and we surely got to skip right past that giant mess. Like a great many other Asian airports I am to, Taipei didn’t appear to have priority security lines, but it was moving quite quickly so that wasn’t a huge offer.

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We cleared exit immigration and headed to the lounge. The lounge is quite quite, with lots of Edison and rock bulbs and natural wood. It had the usual lounge offerings machine (espresso, soft drinks, beer, snacks) and also a full hot buffet with Chinese and Western options. The bath rooms were clean and acquired Toto Washlets.

Our gate was a remote stand that people needed to be bussed out to, and the B1R gate (i assume the R stands for “Remote?”) is basically a huge bus terminal. The bottom staff did a good job making order from the chaos. I thought we were heading to be with an A320, but we boarded a brand-new 737 with Sky interior instead.

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