Everyone is discussing smart home this smart home that. What actually is it? Putting it simple really, it’s setting some type of computer up in your house to control home technologies like thermostats, entertainment equipment, and security systems. What is a home network? It’s how all of your devices speak to one another. Your computer, your television, your computer printer – all these devices have the ability to connect to one another and work together through a home network.

Is these things crazy expensive? You might be surprised at how acceptable the purchase price is usually to install good sound, entertainment and smart home technology. The costs have come down a lot lately and there are options for some budgets. Can I am provided by you advice on surround sound over the phone? Well, yes we can.

While we can do this, we suggest a true home visit. Surround sound is a technology which needs to be adapted to room where it’ll be installed. Ideally, we’d come and appearance at your offer and space customized advice. Does making a network happen require extra equipment? If you have a modem and a router, this is enough for a simple network to be setup in your house. If you have ethernet cable running right through your home, all the better! If you don’t have the infrastructure set up we can offer a free estimate on how much it would cost to create.

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