Trump Blasts Amazon FOR ALL OF US POSTOFFICE Troubles, Should Pay More Taxes


Trump Blasts Amazon FOR ALL OF US POSTOFFICE Troubles, Should Pay More Taxes

President Donald Trump strike out at Amazon again on Saturday, contacting its business deal with the U.S. Postal Service to provide deals a money-losing agreement that hurts U.S. In tweets Saturday, Trump claimed ‘the U.S. 1.50 normally for each package deal it delivers for Amazon. He added: ‘If the P.O.

This Post Office fraud must stop. Amazon must pay real costs (and taxes) now! While we are about them, it is reported that the U.S. This POSTOFFICE rip-off must stop. Amazon must pay real costs (and fees) now! Amazon has been a consistent receiver of Trump’s ire. He’s fought a two-pronged battle with its founder Jeff Bezos, who also possesses The Washington Post, labeling his information publication ‘false news’ over its unfavorable coverage sometimes of his advertising campaign and presidency. Last week, Trump had taken similar aim at Amazon over Twitter after a information website exposed his obsession with the extremely successful e-commerce site.

The Axios record on Wednesday that revealed Trump’s plot to put strict new rules on the business sent Amazon’s stock into free fall, whacking off billions in value for shareholders, including Bezos. Trump did not deny the record and even suggested it was true when he copped to a years-long perception that Amazon is behind retail store failures and U.S. Postal Service problems in a tweet. I have mentioned my concerns with Amazon long before the Election,’ he said.

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Trump’s desire to further regulate Amazon has been inflamed by his wealthy friends’ complaints that lax Internet commerce rules are killing their businesses, Axios reported. Amazon’s stock talk about dropped by as much as 7.4 percent on Wednesday, Reuters said, after the damaging Axios statement ran. After a late-day rally, shares were trending downward again on Thursday am following Trump’s latest slam. Bezos are the owners of The Washington Post also, which Trump has tagged ‘fake news’ because of the stories it did on him that he says are fake representations.

Which they ought to,’ he mentioned. An August 16, 2017 tweet claimed ‘Amazon does great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, towns and claims throughout the U.S. Throughout his presidential advertising campaign, Trump made similar assaults within the Post, Bezos and Amazon, who went to a meeting last June for the technology industry at the White House. White House Deputy Press Secretary Rah Shah insisted Thursday morning on Fox News that the tweets and the president’s desire to tax Amazon are nothing personal. This is actually about policy,’ he said.

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