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Sorry for the lack of posts recently! Have already been really active (and lazy because I’m active if it creates any sense). I like it when my schedule is packed though, it seems like I’ve been very busy and successful HAHA. Anyway, I came across time to go to The Nail Position to have my nails done finally! Feels as though YEARSSS since I last did my nails because my course doesn’t allow it.

Very grumpy-looking fingernails indeed. The Nail Status appears like this! That is their other electric outlet called “The Nail Status Cottage”! They have their main wall socket “The Nail Status” just a few shops away. They have a crazy amount of customers, so you need to be sure you booked your appointment!

My nails because of Christine! Influenced by one of my all-time favorite cartoons because of the ambitious and mystical details – Alice in Wonderland! Anyway, my toe nails are too looking really fab now! Reminds me of THE TINY Mermaid of my nails are so disney-ish! OH RIGHT, I’ve updated SPEISHOP with a great deal of new clothes! I’ll probably be shutting down SPEISHOP soon because I’m too occupied to handle it all by myself. It might be the last batch of pretty clothes so shop there before everything eliminated.!

By a a little I mean like a quarter of what I’ve applied above all. It’s very difficult to blend which means you have to use a piece by piece unless you want everything to come off crazy thick! You ought to be in a position to get these from KOSE makeup counter! Anyway, I cleared out some old makeup products and arranged my makeup products drawers yesterday! From here, you can view the lipsticks I’ve talked about above!

Another drawer continues to be kind of messy because my drawer is too small. I stacked everything and shoved some at the trunk arbitrarily. For the extra products I’ve, I store them at the very top shelf in my own room. I really like all my makeup products, though I don’t use all of them enough time!

  • Corporate VIDEO TUTORIALS (informing your salon have trained other professionals)
  • Acne flare-ups and breakouts
  • Mail Merge
  • Is it true it’s better for certain climate & pores and skin types
  • This step is optional if you use a moisturizer with sun safety in Step 6
  • Rich, shiny, or neon colors can topple the total amount in your appearance

It makes me happy simply by taking a look at them. They remind me of all the nice things around me and make me feel extra extra grateful. Probably because they are all from different places. Anyway, three new eyeshadows from Dollywink! I’m thinking about critiquing them when I’m less lazy! I love this series really! The colors are madddddd gorgeous.

L’Oreal Wrinkle De-Crease Cream with Boswelox appeared well suited for what I wanted. I purchased this product with the intention of improving the fine line and wrinkles around my eye area. I really do not believe I saw any improvement in these lines. I have used the product for at least ninety days. I am forty years old. I have sunlight damaged skin (from my youthful, naive times).

I tried the product, hoping I would see a noticable difference in my skin texture and lines and wrinkles around my mouth and between brows. Wrinkle lower by normal works well. This cream seemed to have no effect on my skin in any way. It was not just a bad moisturizer, but the lines and wrinkles didn’t go or decrease at all away.

After using just over a week my skin appears a lot better. Deep lines in the forehead are less visible and lines around the eye are hardly noticeable. Does not work as well with lines under the eyes, but again it offers only been weekly. I am 30 years old, with normal to oily skin.