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Reading, Writing Re

Can Your Career Survive Transient Competitive Advantage? Rita Gunther McGrath, a teacher at Columbia Business School, has dedicated her 20-year-long academic profession to sussing out how companies can successfully respond to a global economy characterized by doubt, fast-paced change, and increasing competitive pressure. She published three books, with Wharton’s Ian MacMillan, which explored how to wring out growth in this environment.

In June, her latest reserve, The End of Competitive Advantage: HOW EXACTLY TO Keep Your Strategy Moving As Fast As Your Business (Harvard Business Review Press), was released. In it, McGrath steps squarely into the band of strategy. The ultimate end of Competitive Advantage explores the ramifications of this transience on corporate strategy, and exactly how companies can manage it.

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At the chance of oversimplification, her core suggestion is to find new businesses, dairy them, so when the time is right, escape them faster than everyone else. But toward the end, McGrath slipped in something that you seldom see in business strategy books-a section on the effect of transient competitive benefit on us, the toilers in the corporate fields, and our professions. If our employers start rejiggering their businesses’ portfolios at a faster pace, our careers are going to get rejiggered more often too. And if that starts to occur, isn’t it time?

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