Beauty Water – Son & Park


Beauty Water – Son & Park

Which skin type is it great for? A multitasking toner and purifying mineral water that creates a clean base for any skin care and makeup that comes after. This multiuse product can be utilized as a toner and soft exfoliant in the morning to prep for skin care and to create a smoother surface for makeup.

At night, Beauty Water can be used as a cleansing water to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt, and engine oil. Lavender water, rosewater, and orange fruits extract hydrate the skin, while willow bark and papaya remove sweep lifeless skin area cells—revealing a brighter complexion and better consistency away. Curated by Charlotte Cho, co-founder of Soko Glam, Editor-in-Chief from the Klog, certified esthetician, and author of THE TINY Book of Skin Care. Soko Glam is the most dependable Korean beauty and lifestyle shop that curates the best selection of Korean skin care and makeup.

It’s important to be regular and diligently with this serum because effectiveness will not show otherwise like most skincare products. I am so ecstatically delighted to bring in this into my skincare schedule within an important step to finding healthier skin. Hopefully, this website post can help you on your way to better dermis and bring self confidence to your enjoy it never had before!

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Thanks for reading folks! Leave a comment if you would like to learn more. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. This post, by all means, is not biased! This post is 100% genuine and derive from my own experience with the brand and the products. This post was to share with you my experience to my readers for information purposes only.

The products brought up in this article was purchase by me and what expressed in this post has not been compensated for. Dependent upon your skin, the results may or might not take longer so that you can see results. All pictures showing the results of the product was used natural day light showing the real nature of the product. Please consult with your dermatologist for dermis concerns prior to implement.

Nail polish: When stored in a cooler natural environment can avoid the formula from becoming thick and drying out. Aloe Vera: Products with Aloe Vera or the Aloe Vera plant itself will last longer in the fridge, experience the healing benefits associated with Aloe with a cooling and soothing sensation. Candles: The idea is the fact if you put your candle in the fridge it will increase its burning time. Eyeliner/Lip Liner: Want a sharper more specific line? Then maintaining your pencils in the refrigerator will help achieve that and also decrease the odds of breakage when being sharpened.

Especially now, i simplified and normalized my “facial regimen”. And thanks for sharing Jojoba oil as another alternative. And welcome to Hubpages! Interesting post. Agree that tea tree essential oil works for breakouts. Jojoba oil in addition has been a lifesaver for me personally – it’s one of the oils closest in composition to skin’s natural sebum.

Great additions for having a straightforward living! Having sufficient intake of vegetables Surely, fruits and sea food can help in rejuvenating your skin. I can’t deny it is very polluted in the town, but I assume that’s already fixed (i.e. we can not have control over it), so we should be doing our show by taking good care of our health and wellness. And yes, smiling help a lot really! Thanks for pointing that out!

Well, if you’re happy and content with your daily dwellings, it shall think about your appearance, your face especially. Even if you’re relaxed in the town, but needing to suffer the effects of pollution, you will be using so many facial products. Unlike in the province where I live, simple living makes my skin glow (practically, this is not a hyperbole).