1571 Beaver Creek Commons Dr, Apex, NC, USA


1571 Beaver Creek Commons Dr, Apex, NC, USA

1571 Beaver Creek Commons Dr, Apex, NC, USA 1

I love love love HomeGoods. I’d live there if I could. This location has great items. There is a good deal of custom made home-good items. The staff is cooperative and helpful always. The biggest problems are how busy it gets and the wait to get at the register. It always may seem like they don’t have sufficient cashiers working. I finish up waiting in line longer than I took to shop, which affirms a lot! I click here all the time so obviously this doesn’t stop me. Of a day I shop at this location No real matter what time, the line is to the entranceway to wait to make purchases always.

The store has many items. However, it appears to be in disarray when striving to maneuver a cart through the tiny aisles. The servicescape of the store seems to be lacking you get a few feet inside once. Everything seems to be crammed together and it is no wonder why merchandise gets reduced due to damage.

The other issue is the shoes. A person found a sneaker she really liked but cannot find the match, sad! With the summer season and further help Maybe, this store can get into a better back, more structured look for great deals and good buys! T J Maxx / HomeGoods. I go to HomeGoods.

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One of a sort, closeout, overstock items. The store stocks the same space with TJ. HomeGoods on one part and TJ on the other. You can find pictures, furniture, sculptures, mats, about anything for the home at HomeGoods just. Items are scattered around and that means you have to decrease every isle to be sure you see everything. Home Goods is the best store! They always have beautiful and interesting items that you don’t see somewhere else. Prices are good too!

My only issue with them is that it is a large store (it links to TJ Maxx) however they do not have any wheelchairs for his or her customers. That is one of the best locations I’ve previously been to. Always neat and stocked brimming with amazing things. The cashiers too are nice. I bought a wooden piece from the home-goods section here and got it home and after regarding a week we pointed out that it was invested with termites! This is absolutely unpleasant and things should be checked before they truly are sold.

Purchased multiple pieces of furniture on Saturday and experienced to leave one article to get on Sunday since it was raining on Saturday. Arrive to pick up on Sunday and see it’s broken. This USED to be a great store. Skin care products department was filled with fantastic products – same with handbags.

The store is getting smaller and smaller. Fewer products on the shelf. Uncertain what is developing. That is bad. Employed to be one of the best stores. The reps are ultra-rude as well. They shout from across the aisle at you “can I help you?” geez. Very clean and opened a store! Items are extremely well organized and easy to access. The staff is friendly and dressing rooms are tidy. I love this store as it has the home-goods section as well and it offers a number of items that are well-organized.

Always try to shop in my hometown stores, will not be going back here. This is actually the 2nd time I have been disappointed in the staff. 1st was buying 2 lights someone got already switched tops I asked easily could please get matching tops. Was informed now and if I switched it I would be arrested for shoplifting or of cameras, she proceeded to point them out if you ask me. I said well obviously someone else switched and had not been imprisoned. I left bought somewhere else. Today required 2 purses 1 didn’t have a price tag. Took to courtesy counter-top they paged Eileen after 3rd web page she followed to counter.

I was 2 legs from her and she informed the check out person she was too busy for price checks. I followed her to rings where she just stood there back, not hanging around on anyone. The next price check they paged Rose. Put purses and handbags once again and DSW have my deal for 2 Michael Kors luggage. Love this TJ Maxx/Home Goods!

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