Best Seasons For A Newbie TOWARDS THE Show?


Best Seasons For A Newbie TOWARDS THE Show?

Old School (S1-11) I would watch season 5 that gets you Colin/Christie, Charla/Mirna and Linda/Karen all legends. Season 2 is a must watch for Tara/Wil, Danny/Oswald, Blake/Paige and an extremely epic finish. If you’re a Survivor lover I’d recommend season 7 cause that has Rob/Amber really. Personally, I really like season 10 but it’s not for everyone.

It has Dustin/Kandice though and they’re just about legends! Season 11 is All-Stars so that it has returnees but it’s still excellent. Middle Era (S12-18) I would watch season 12 cause that’s Ron/Christina, Kent/Vyxsin, and Nicols/Donald so another good band of racers, Season 14 has Margie/Luke, Jaime/Cara, Kisha/Jen, and Mel/Mike who all come back for Unfinished Business so that’s a must watch.

Season 18: Unfinished Business is the best season from the middle era, and among the best seasons of all right time, but it is a returnee season which means you would end up being spoiled for a few seasons. Middle Era part 2 (S19-24) Season 20 is fun too with Mark/Bopper and Brenchel.

Season 23 is fun also with Tim/Marie, Leo/Jamal and a really enjoyable cast overall just. Season 25 is absolutely fun I finished my rewatch on it and would definitely recommend it just. They have a great cast! Season 29 is actually great but it might not be the best for a newbie.

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It starts with all strangers! But we get Becca/Floyd and they’re relative back for 31. Like 29, 28 is fun but it’s all social media stars so it might not be just what a newbie is looking for but I definitely recommend it. It has great teams like Tyler/Korey, Burnie/Ashley, and Sheri/Cole. Edit: I said S22 was a good watch I had been wrong I designed S17 don’t ask me how I got that confused I must say i truly do not know. But yes S17 has Mallory/Gary and Brook/Claire very fun season!

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