Teach Me To Inve$t


Teach Me To Inve$t

I purchased some stocks of Colgate some time ago in my search for another “quality stock” to add to my profile (can you see a pattern here?!). I was tracking some different companies on my handy-dandy excel spreadsheet and 1 day I required the plunge and made the decision Colgate would be the recent addition and it has not let me down! About a month before their 2:1 stock split which occurred on 05/16/2013 I purchased the stock. What the heck is a stock split?

Corporations sometimes opt to “split” the stock price to make it more affordable to traders to choose the shares and gain new investors, among other reasons. 57.5 each. An ongoing company can execute a change stock split too, and it is the same idea. So, do not dread splits. Your position with the business doesn’t change. So anyways, that’s what occurred with CL two months ago.

Earnings for second quarter 2013 were reported this past Thursday July 25 and let’s just say they made me an extremely happy shareholder. Colgate can be an amazing company with amazing management who cares about the development of the business and staying competitive. Some may believe that a company that is around for as long as Colgate may not have much room to grow but their earnings call proved that’s false.

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The Colgate team consistently aims to bring services to market– tempting more sales and market share growth. · Organic sales grew 5.5% (online sales excluding foreign exchange, acquisitions, and investments). · Gross profit margin were 58.3% versus 57.7% in the same one-fourth this past year. 1325 million. As per the CEO Ian Cook: “For the fifth consecutive one-fourth, gross profit percentage, operating profit margin, and net income as a percentage of sales all increased versus the entire year ago period”. · Colgate’s market share of the global toothpaste market strengthened to 45.4% year to day.

This can be an increase of 0.1 talks about points compared to this past year. In the CEOs own words: “excited, we expect our growth momentum to keep even as we improvement through the entire year. We are pleased that our global restructuring program is on the right track and proceeding smoothly. One of the ways Colgate increases market talk about? Simply sit back to watch TV for an hour or even less and I could assure you that you’ll see a Colgate commercial. The earnings survey continues on to specify earnings and market talk about performance world-wide including North America, Latin America, Europe/South pacific, and Greater Asia/Africa-all of which reported notably excellent results! Also, did you know that Colgate has a pet-nutrition subdivision called “Hill’s Pet Nutrition”?

As per the statement, online sales increased 3.5% during second quarter 2013. Unit quantity increased 2.5%, pricing increased 3%, and foreign exchange was negative at 2%. There were volume benefits in the U.S, Russia, Korea, Germany, France, and Brazil. Meanwhile, some volume declines were experienced in Japan, Italy, and the uk.