The Rural Blog: 1/4/09


The Rural Blog: 1/4/09

Buyer found for Conn. A buyer has been found for five small papers in central Connecticut that the financially troubled Journal Register Co. week planned to close next. Lynn Doan from the Hartford Courant. Schoreder was a duplicate editor and later key of staff to the publisher of Newsday on Long Island. For Press reporter Steve Collins’ blog on efforts to save the paper, just click here.

The owners of the S & S Mini Mart Citgo at Elm Street and First Avenue, among the last holdouts in the project area for The Haven high-end wall socket mall, say they are prepared to accept the developer’s offer. But now there seems to be some dispute about what that offer is. 1.8 million, said Ahmed.

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1.8 million is the only offer they’ve heard. “The builder is playing games with us,week in his store ” said Ahmed within an interview previously this. He said Armstrong made the offer in a telephone call about four months ago with Hossain. “Now, they’re not giving us any type of offer on paper,” Ahmed said.

Ken Simonson, the association’s main economist, adding that building employment strike new top levels in 31 metro areas. Anaheim-Santa Ana-Irvine, Calif. added the most structure jobs in the past year (11,900 careers, 14 percent). Other metro areas adding a sizable number of construction jobs include NEW YORK (9,000 jobs, 7 percent); Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, Ga. The biggest percentage gains occurred in El Centro, Calif. The biggest percentage declines for the past year were in Bloomington, Ill.

Injunction is a remedy which is designed for both the consumer and the business. An injunction can be an order by the court which requires the party at fault to keep to the contract. They are commonly used to enforce promises using contract. A good example could be, a jobs contract which restricts employees from working in a similar convenience of rival employers.

Damages can be aware to both consumer and the business, nonetheless they are usually only wanted to the smaller party rather than larger business. Additionally, a remedy which is specifically available for the business is a lien. This is the right to retain possession of the products until the contract charge has been paid.

An exemplory case of this would be, if a person leaves a television set to be repaired. There’s a contract which has been formed in order for this repair to occur. The television technician now has a lien over the television and can retain possession of it until the costs for the repair is paid.