Florida Beach Vacation And A Stay At Home Mom’s Business Opportunity-What’s The Connection?


Florida Beach Vacation And A Stay At Home Mom’s Business Opportunity-What’s The Connection?

All is well. The soothing audio of the waves crashing against the Florida beach make you drift into a state somewhere half way between sleep and being awake. The only other audio you can listen to is the call of seagulls souring over the water. You open your eyes and start to see the orange glow of the sun on the horizon as it rises.

You close your eyes again as the cool sea breeze flows over the body. Yes, the temperatures will rise as your day will go on, however now it’s 75 levels and the sea breeze makes it feel five to ten degrees chiller. You’ve repeated this program on several holidays over the past few years.

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As you walk back to the hotel you see that you will be the only person enjoying the beach on this heavenly morning. Taking a look at the street you realize why. People are in suits and ties, carrying brief instances, all going to work. You smile as you understand that there was a period that you resided like that too. Then you took advantage of a stay at home mom’s business opportunity as well as your life hasn’t been the same.

You experience your hubby and children back at the hotel. You’re child appears to have a smile from ear canal to hearing as he waits in eager anticipation for the times events. You all depart jointly to the marina where you will spend all day every day sailing on the sea. Cruising on the ocean, the wind blowing in your face, you and your family drop anchor near one of the many reefs off the Florida coast.

Jumping in with face mask and snorkel, you marvel at the sparkling of sunlight off the coral. It is so stunning that, for a moment, you feel as if you have discovered an old sunken Spanish galleon. You return to land and also to the hotel back. This is not like the hotels you used to say in when you were on holiday.

Five superstars, multiple bedrooms, penthouse view overlooking both beach and the populous city. Just a couple years ago you thought that if you became a stay at home mom you would never be able to stay in any hotel other than a straightforward two star with a bed. Yet, your stay at home mom’s business opportunity allowed one to be considered a stay at home mom AND have the amount of money to take holidays you once only dreamed of. After clearing up, you all go out on the town for an initial class supper.