DevOps + Ruby On Rails Engineer At Envato Mexico


DevOps + Ruby On Rails Engineer At Envato Mexico

What are we looking for? An experienced DevOps Engineer with knowledge on Ruby on Rails to join the Placeit team. What would I specifically focus on? You will be responsible for building and managing our existing environments in AWS and Datacenter. The positioning is highly technical and balanced between engineering and backend.

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter who are able to act independently and lead other team members. You’d be also working on the backend component of new features from begin to finish which would include everything from early prototypes for you to get the creation server prepared to checking for security concerns.

If you want to see a few examples of our Design Templates, visit the Placeit website. We started as an agency, called Freshout in 2008. We developed services for companies such Linkedin, Telefonica, eBay. When we recognized we couldn’t control the merchandise we built through our clients, we began to invest in our own products.

We bootstrapped our way to something company in past due 2014. We were obtained by Envato in past due 2017! We’ve 180 employees inside our GDL office currently. Between our products, we serve over 8m users. This is not some satellite office where we send a few of the “special” work.

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We invest seriously in the education and progress of every member of we. We’ve full autonomy over what we should build and there are no clients forcing our hand to build unnecessary features. Placeit is utilized by everyone from Adobe to Yelp to Facebook to Google to Salesforce to IBM to Netflix.

We’ve doubled in size within the last year and have thousands of paid subscribers. The answers here are designed to address the most regularly asked questions. If we missed any, please don’t hesitate to tell us. What general skills do I have to succeed in this position? What technical skills do I have to succeed in this position? Expert in deploying available highly, secure and reliable services with automatic failover using container-orchestration and containers tools. Working experience with deploying container applications with helm charts.

Experience architecting, handling and implementing conditions with AWS. Experience implementing CI/CD pipelines and using tools such as Jenkins, Sonar, Git, Nexus, Artifactory and Maven. Web sockets and web workers. What exactly are the mandatory baseline specialized skills for all those levels of technicians there? Basic knowledge of networking systems, load balancers, and TCP/IP network constructs. Experience working in an agile environment and wide knowledge of SDLC.

Experience with an extremely available and scalable SaaS. What’s the salary like? Your offer will be above the market rate in the local market generally. We’ve listed the salary range face to face position but once we learn a bit more about your specific skills, we can provide you an exact offer. We take into account a lot of things when determining the offer quite.