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The Secrets Of Success Blog

Playing the Judge. When you are the judge, you do not have to be the participant. By pointing out how imperfectly others are dancing, for instance, you can avoid dancing yourself, that could open the door to you failing at the task. Being perfect. With this approach, you try to not lose by doing everything as perfectly as you can… or at least by presenting a front that you will be “perfect.” You hardly ever really relax down or let your guard.

Instead, you overdo everything instead. Learning to be a “problem.” Invest the on the role of the determined problem, others shall need to stop and look after you. This is a kind of sabotage. Because others are directing their energy and time into assisting you and are less likely to earn themselves. HAVE YOU ANY IDEA Your Weak Spots? Kelli’s Quill – The Blog and Mini Website! Debi Ward Kennedy . Retail Visual Designer . Retail Visual Merchandiser & Display Stylist . HAVE YOU ANY IDEA Your Weak Spots? Peyton Template designed by Georgia Lou Studios All privileges reserved.

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