How Much Can Freelance Writers Charge For Blogging?


How Much Can Freelance Writers Charge For Blogging?

Today, I’m answering a reader question about how you can earn extra as a paid blogger. But first, I wish to apologize — I’ve been neglecting the Make a Living Writing mailbag, which is now bulging! Promise to make mailbag a extra common function once more, starting now. So — today’s question is on negotiating an ongoing blogging contract. “I have an opportunity to change into a regular month-to-month blogger for one in every of my magazine purchasers and am making an attempt to figure out a great pay price for this.

The viewers is company assembly and event planners. “The client wants to pay by the word, just like they do for regular magazine and e-newsletter articles. This can be for 2-three blogs per month, I’m guessing 300 words or so, plus yet one more in-depth e-publication article like I’ve been writing. 250-350 for the blog portion.

“Does this sound respectable to you for 2-3 blogs a month? 50 a phrase anyplace else — but it’s steady, monthly work. 100 a blog, no matter what. 300 per, relying on what they require. But I see quite a lot of potential issues lurking right here. Within the months because you initially sent me this query, Don, I’ve had many small-enterprise and publication blogging clients. And I’ve discovered a number of things about what makes paid-running a blog initiatives successful, and what makes them fail.

1. Define your venture. You sound like you’re bidding in a bit of a vacuum. You’re guessing how lengthy the posts will probably be and what they would require. I’ve discovered that whenever you guess about blogging gigs, you all the time lose. Find out and get a commitment on your anticipated submit lengths.

Do the posts require interviews? In that case, the rate is definitely too low. Will they hand you the topics, or will it’s a must to run Google Alerts each day and scan them to develop put up concepts? This latter makes a real distinction within the time you’ll spend on this undertaking. Do they actually need them 1,000 words lengthy? Many shops don’t actually perceive running a blog or the benefits of getting brief posts — it’s possible you’ll should promote them on that.

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If the size is longer than 300 — and in my experience, it typically is more like 400-500 phrases — your per-phrase charge is simply too low. To sum up, don’t think about you recognize what your publication thinks of as a weblog put up. Find out, and then bid accordingly. Final phrase of warning on this — I’ve found that some publications and corporations prefer to call assignments “blogging” so they can pay much less, but what they really need is totally reported stories.

Make certain you recognize which one you’re signing up for earlier than you value this gig. When you assume about pricing writing jobs…you usually make an ass…out of your bank account. 2. Sell them on more frequency. There’s an actual dark side to this provide, Don. It’s that blogging twice a month simply won’t accomplish something.