Pregnancy Hormone HCG Can MELT OFF Your Body Fat


Pregnancy Hormone HCG Can MELT OFF Your Body Fat

British endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeons spent 30 years of his life seeking a “remedy” for obesity. His research led him to looking into the links between endocrinology, weight problems and psychosomatic disorders, eventually concluding that the key to the weight problems problem lies within the right part of the human brain called the diencephalon, which includes your thalamus and hypothalamus. Dr. Simeons’ objective was to find a way to improve the diencephalic insufficiency that he thought leads to the build up of excess surplus fat. In a great article, Sherrill Sellman, ND, explains that Dr. Simeon’s “Eureka instant” arrived when he observed very slim pregnant Indian women delivered healthy full-weight babies, despite their low calorie diets and demanding physical activities.

These pregnant women readily fallen weight with shockingly low dietary intake-but without food cravings or any harm to their unborn infants. After much research, he attributed this trend to the abundance of hCG in their physiques. Simeons hypothesized that hCG was functioning on the hypothalamus of these pregnant women, informing it to mobilize maternal fats stores to protect and nourish the developing fetus.

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Dr. Simeons then observed that obese young Indian children with a uncommon condition (Frohlich’s Syndrome, or adiposogenital dystrophy) were healed of their weight problems with daily injections of tiny dosages of hCG. They miraculously lost their ravenous appetites and their physiques “reshaped” to normal. These unexpected results led Dr. Simeons to question if hCG could be used to stimulate the breakdown of abnormal fat reserves in non-pregnant men and women, thereby reducing obesity. So he began tinkering with his patients. Simeons uncovered that daily hCG injections, when combined with a very specific zero fat and reduced calorie diet (500 calories a day), resulted in astonishing weight loss-and in particular, weight loss.

In reality, he reported that almost completely of his test patients lost between one-half pound and one pound of body fat per day on his process. Could it be that hCG was resetting the hypothalamus? Or was it simply the severe caloric limitations that led to the dramatic loss?

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