Marketing Your Own Perfume


Marketing Your Own Perfume

The tale is told of a perfume professional who, with an atomizer filled with her new perfume, sat with friends in a restaurant and puffed out a bit of aroma as people handed by. She was trying to judge their reaction. Indifferent was the most negative possible response! In the event that you assume that the customers in the restaurant were typical of the people to whom the perfume might be sold, isn’t this an excellent test?

If there is absolutely no reaction, you collapse your credit cards and walk away from it. If those who smell the aroma — not knowing what it is or where it comes from — appear to have a positive response, isn’t this a good omen for your fragrance? How could you use this technique?

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Today, of course, you’ll have to be careful in what kind of restaurant you sprayed in. Be familiar with the “clean air” rules that ban smoking — and, in a few people’s thoughts — the use of perfume. So you may want to discover a restaurant with outdoor furniture. That should work. But what then? Have your atomizer container to spray around your table when likely people walk by. Try this technique and see what response you get. You might make sales but, more likely, you might get people discussing your fragrance and that is good too!

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