$60k/mo Selling Glove Deodorizers


$60k/mo Selling Glove Deodorizers

Today’s interview has been Krista Woods of GloveStix, a brandname that sells odor management solution. Product: Odor management solution. My name is Krista Woods and I am the Director of Stink Operations at GloveStix LLC. AFTER I first began GloveStix I used to be simply trying to resolve the issue of stinky lacrosse gloves, the name GloveStix hence.

It wasn’t until they came out and my customers started with them in shoes and cleats and sending me the most amazing feedback which i even started offering them for shoes. About the same time, my sons’ cleats were starting to get rank, so that’s after i arrived with my second product ShoeStix. The ShoeStix are practically the same thing they just have different features that make them more versatile for smaller shoes and taller boots. My customers are an easy range but mostly sportsmen of all age ranges, but I do have a ton of individuals that use them in everyday shoes as well.

I never could have dreamed the last 3 years would have proved like this. When I started, it was simply a fun little aspect business and then I understood how expensive it was becoming and there is certainly nothing fun, about not making hardly any money so I needed to do something different. I went out on the limb and requested The Today Show’s Next Big Thing Contest and some weeks later, I was being delivered to NYC to pitch my product live on National Television.

I made it to the finals and then before I knew it I received the whole thing which sent me to sell live on QVC and I sold out in 7 ½ minutes. That was three years ago today actually and it was that competition that basically put my company on the map. Since then, I have won 6 more honours from large organizations, been discussed in over 30 articles, been on 11 TV shows including ABC’s Shark Tank and even filmed a Pitch Pilot for possible TV Series. It has been an incredible whirlwind sure! As an operating mother of 3, I was always very busy especially during their sports seasons.

I spent additional time in the automobile running from event to event and I needed less time at home. I had spent years trying different products to assist with the smell in their gear and wasted so much money, and time, looking to get the odor out especially from those lacrosse gloves. There is a battle of the smell between my 14-year-old and I because he was also very particular about what I could do. When you wear expensive gloves in sports activities like Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer, and Boxing, you truly have a bond with your gloves. I don’t get it, but trust me, it’s true.

So 4 years back, on the true way home from a Lacrosse Tournament, my youngest son’s equipment handbag was making me want to puke… again and I viewed my husband and said, “That’s it! I am going to invent something! I spent the first few months exploring the actual odor was actually.

All my leisure time was spent googling smell, and I became obsessed with it. I found out that sweat doesn’t smell, that it is bacteria that you smell. Odor-causing bacteria like staph, e Coli, fungus is actually that which was residing in my son’s equipment which explains why I could never be rid of it. I found that I had to help make the product Antimicrobial which would help inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

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I also found out that it was the moisture from the sweat getting stuck inside the gear that triggered the bacteria to grow. The real design of the Stix popped in my head. I had formed no experience whatsoever in this field. I actually never went to university or took a business class for example but being in the sales/customer service industry what I do have is people skills and desire. I taught myself everything I possibly could through the internet and read through over 2500 Patents and Trademarks and found nothing beats what I needed to produce on the market.

Whenever I had fashioned a question, I could not find an answer to online or just wanted to speak to a human about, I’d post on Facebook. I noticed very quick, that in my network of friends, were all the answers I wanted. Few people can say they actually created a business on Facebook… but I could. I am not scared to ask for help, so I do. I asked a question on Facebook and I’d have friends comment recommendations or even offer for connecting me with a friend they knew that could be in a position to help.

I took almost all their suggestions, wrote them down and used the ones I liked and disregarded the ones I didn’t, but I didn’t stop requesting. Whenever a friend wanted to connect me with someone they knew, I had taken enough time to make that call or answer that email. You cannot be afraid to ask questions and get help.