THE REALITY About The Skincare Products! Pharmaceutical Vs. Cosmocuetical


THE REALITY About The Skincare Products! Pharmaceutical Vs. Cosmocuetical

It’s time someone set the record right! Everyone is SO Sick and tired of investing in countless Skincare Products that do not work! With promises like, “Erase scars, tighten your skin pores, prevent breakouts, and reduce lines and wrinkles, etc.” Blah, Blah, Blah…. All this spending and little results, starts to make people feel hopeless and skeptical.

It makes us feel just like nothing will ever help. It really is safe to say, there is absolutely no such thing as a wonder cream that retains you looking young permanently! Skin is something we HAVE TO WORK AT, just like our bodies to stay in shape! We also know its difficult to find any skincare products that yield permanent results, if any!

In the skincare industry we prefer to call product claims ‘bells and whistles,’ meaning, “Same Product, New Packaging.” It’s the same false statements! Most products found in department stores are created by one company: ‘Estee Lauder.’ They own every brand almost; MAC, Clinique, GlamGlow, La Mer, Origins, Aveda, Smashbox, Faced Too, Tom Ford Beauty, etc… and the list continues on!

Companies like Estee Lauder put a lot of money into making very packaging, of extra cash developing technology and formulating products instead. They constantly change packaging to provide people hope that the newly packaged product is another best thing. In reality, they are employing the same formulas as before! Producing a vicious routine of false expectations and guarantees!

5.00 at the supermarket. The ongoing company will state they have “Green Tea,” however, the container has 1 drop of Green Tea and the others is filled up with emulsions, thickening brokers, chemicals and detergents that aren’t good for the skin and yield NO RESULTS! That is why you want to be aware and conscious of the substances you are using on your skin.

If you want to know if the substances are good for your skin, switch the container over, screenshot the elements, go home and google the expressed words you see on that list and their long-term side effects! Now that you have a bit more insight about the “skincare industry,” heres what you ought to know!

‘Pharmaceutical vs. Cosmeceutical’ products. Any skin care products bought in a supermarket, salon/spa, division store is considered ‘Cosmeceutical,’ meaning it is a beauty product designed to enhance your pores and skin, and NOT CORRECT IT! To be able to visit a CHANGE in your skin layer you have to use a ‘Pharmaceutical’ grade product, meaning “medical/medicine” grade, which actually changes the composition of your skin layer on a cellular level.

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These are required by law, to be bought from a Doctor’s Office or Medical Spa with a health care provider on staff, because the products have FDA authorization to treat epidermis you actually. With these ‘Pharmaceutical” products you WILL SEE AN ACTUAL DIFFERENCE. In skin texture Namely, pore size, brownish spots, hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, acne, wrinkle decrease and fine lines.

If you are looking for a product that actually corrects, it has to be medical, not a beauty product. Side note, because it is medical does not make it very expensive either! 40 a month to purchase your skin on products that truly WORK! Individuals are willing to pay reduced for locks and skin care products that they perceive as high-performance.