Old Rectory Health Fitness Club


Old Rectory Health Fitness Club

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While there are few fatalities in the ring, there have been situations of brain damage and other types of irreparable accidents. Using Muay Thai for fitness purposes may not be as dangerous as its competitive counterpart, but it still keeps some dangers that beginners should retain in brain. It can cause bad posture. Like any other form of workout, overdoing Muay Thai can cause serious muscle imbalances that can result in bad position.

The hunched fighting stance in Muay Thai is also blamed for the indegent position some fighters suffer. The trick here’s to supplement Muay Thai training with physical activities that can counteract its negative effects. There’s a chance of getting shin damage. The shins take a lot of punishment during Muay Thai training so there is a possibility of developing shin-related problems later in life.

Some reviews even declare that nerve damage in the shin might lead to shin tumor. However, numbers and scientific studies proving this never have been released. The key is to invest in high-quality pads and wear them on a regular basis. You may get a few damaged bones. This is a known fact if you intend to scale the ladder to more advanced Muay Thai training.

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Unlike other fitness activities such as dancing or operating, the damage rate in Muay Thai is high, when sparring is mixed up in regular especially. The same downsides of other fitness activities apply to Muay Thai, such as the possibility of getting muscle tear and wear and overexertion. However, these can be avoided by understanding your body’s limits and moderating your routine as you see fit.

The right planning is important if you would like to practice Muay Thai for fitness. This is an important first step as Muay Thai entails more hazards than other fitness activities. Here are some steps to take before heading to the Muay Thai fitness center for your first training. Choose a reputable Muay Thai training gym.

Since the Muay Thai trend started several years back, Muay Thai training centers have been showing up all over the place. Most of these gyms offer watered down training though. Much worse, some of them might not practice safety precautions. Others even fail on the hygiene department which is a big issue if you shall be using their equipment, like gloves and pads.

Visit as many gyms as possible and ask all the questions you can think of before committing. It will help to read fitness center reviews on the web and also to check out discussion boards just to be certain that you are not lacking any small print. Once you’ve chosen a specific fitness center, choose a trainer.

Again, reading reviews can help, but you need to think about your personal preference also. It’s important to be more comfortable with your trainer which means you can ask all your questions and you’ll feel free to move. If you’re a woman and you are not more comfortable with a male trainer, spend extra effort and time looking for a reliable female trainer. Choose high-quality equipment. You won’t have to buy all the required equipment on your first try as the fitness center will provide the majority of them. However, if you do not extravagant the basic idea of writing a glove with a stranger, it might be better to buy yours right away.