Animal Testing: Shampoo Brands That Don’t Test On Animals


Animal Testing: Shampoo Brands That Don’t Test On Animals

Looking for shampoo brands that don’t test on animals? These brands are free of animal testing and available in regular stores. What I really like about this question is that it highlights something about vegan beauty that can be a bit difficult: many vegan brands aren’t so easy to find.

I did a little bit of digging to find shampoo brands that don’t test on pets. One important caveat: pet testing is one component of vegan beauty. For a product to be truly vegan, it needs to be free of animal products like beeswax and honey. The shampoo brands below don’t test on animals, however they may contain animal ingredients.

The person who asked me this question is not vegan, therefore i looked for brands that specifically meet her needs. Eschewing animal testing might not be the whole picture when it comes to cruelty in the beauty industry, but it is a huge step in the right direction because animal testing is so cruel and unnecessary. Actually, animal testing doesn’t even do a congrats of predicting product safety for humans. I used Leaping Bunny’s list of non-animal-tested shampoos to get this to list plus a little extra googling of my very own. For companies that aren’t on the Leaping Bunny list, I relied on the company’s FAQ to find out if they addressed the issue of animal screening.

To find out if any of these are totally vegan, I’d straight recommend getting in touch with the company. The more emails they get from consumers concerned about animal ingredients, the more likely they will be to rethink their formulations! Dr. Bronner’s – Dr. Bronner’s is not just a shampoo, but their castile cleaning soap is great for your hair! If you now use shampoo, though, there could be a rest in period while your scalp adjusts to the less-harsh cleanser. Do you know of any common brands that miss the animal testing? Tell us in the responses!

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