Want More WEB PAGE DESIGN Examples?


Want More WEB PAGE DESIGN Examples?

Every occasionally, I’ll stumbled upon a website that really attracts me in. So, I came across 27 of them showing you. These sites drive the limitations of what is known to be possible on the net. Whether it’s the look aesthetic, usability, interactivity, sound design, or value that the website provides, each one is a masterpiece in its respective industry, then one to be inspired by. Not surprisingly, many organizations exist to highlight these sites and the efforts they make to the web.

To help surface some of the most inspirational designs, I gathered 21 award-winners which have made their way through several key awards organizations — including Awwwards, UX Awards, The Webby Awards, SiteInspire, Best Website Gallery, and FWA. Below this list, I also found six more websites whose homepage designs are simple cool and well worth learning from just. As you flick through the list, know that every site excels in its way and seeks to serve a distinctive purpose.

While one site may be a great example of visual design, another may be a great exemplory case of interactivity. Which means that not all of the sites may be “conversion machines” or blueprint ideas that you can certainly copy to your site. Rather, they’re great ways to get some website design inspiration and see the cutting-edge marketing that’s occurring in the different corners of the web. In a worldwide world where airline websites are known to be riddled with major usability issues, Virgin America has one of the best websites that pushes usability, availability, and reactive design ahead.

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In fact, it’s been named as the first truly responsive airline website, a fresh precedent on the market. Not only is Feed a fascinating concept, but it also has a stunning execution that issues our knowledge of what is possible on the net. Through a creative mixture of video and animation, the site immerses an individual into a very interesting experience. As an atypical site, it contains several unique usability elements as well, including a navigation that doubles as a scroll progress bar.

ETQ requires a very minimalistic method of ecommerce with their stripped-down site with big, powerful visuals of their product. Simple, flat, color-based backgrounds followed by strong typography help with keeping the concentrate on exactly what the user arrived there to see: shoes. Mikiya is a Product Designer with a minimalistic profile that showcases his work through strong picture taking and subtle animations.

His full site was originally created in Japanese and then translated into English, helping show the international scalability of his design. Follow the footsteps of Luc Jacquet as Wild-Touch goes along this visible and educational journey about the annals of global weather change. A mixture of historical media and unique animations help tell the story. Beagle does a fantastic job of visually and progressively telling the story of their product in a simple and easy-to-digest way. This is a major problem for most startups, specially when they’re presenting new ideas to existing markets.

People wish to know, “What is your product? So how exactly does it work? Why will i care?” Beagle answers all those questions while showing off their product and compelling the user to buy simultaneously. Plus, they’re one of few sites that truly implemented “scroll hijacking” correctly. Woven is an online publication that celebrates artists, craftsmen, and makers alike. If you ask me, they symbolize a verification that publications can (and really should) have beautiful, participating sites with easy-to-read content.

Free of distractions like pop-ups and obtrusive ads, this site about the experience of the content itself. The web site for JOHO’s Bean has amazing imagery, interactivity, story telling, visual design, and most of all, sound executive. These all get together to make a persuasive, emotional, and interesting site that tells the storyplot of a coffee bean’s journey. Yep, SWISS airlines built a remarkably immersive site that tells their story and represents what it’s like to journey with them — and they simply did too great of employment to be disregarded.