7 Hacks To Kick-Start Ketosis For Faster Weight Loss Today


7 Hacks To Kick-Start Ketosis For Faster Weight Loss Today

You probably know someone on the keto diet, or at the minimum, you’ve heard about it. It may appear like the latest fad diet craze, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The keto diet is dependant on triggering a process called ketosis, where the body burns fat for energy, in your body and people are seeing amazing results from it… including me!

It is really more of a lifestyle change when compared to a diet. The advantages of it aren’t just weight loss, you will have more energy also, clearer thinking and feel good! But reaching ketosis isn’t instant. It can take times or weeks to reach that ideal fat-burning condition even. This post is targeted at explaining what ketosis is, how it will help you and, most importantly, how to kick-start ketosis FAST!

The Ketogenic Diet, or Keto Diet, can be an eating program that pushes your body into an ongoing condition called Ketosis. Without getting techie too, Ketosis is when your body uses fat for fuel basically, rather than carbs or sugar. In theory, our anatomies are made to get their energy from glucose (which comes mainly from carbs and sugars), but if we eat too much glucose, then the body converts the excess into fat. Glucose inside our diet is also not a very long lasting energy source, so that’s why we get cravings for sugary or carb foods in the center of the afternoon.

That energy crash you experience is your system needing more blood sugar to truly get you through the rest of your entire day. When you have fewer sugars and carbs in what you eat, your system understands it requires an energy source, so it triggers ketosis (the production of ketones) and uses your unwanted fat stores for energy instead.

That’s why folks have been known to endure weeks without food. The metabolic condition of ketosis can audio just a little extreme for some sociable people, but it has so benefits to your thoughts and bodies. The most obvious one is, of course, weight loss. If your body is using it’s unwanted fat for energy, it’s not only using up your existing fats stores, but it’s not creating new stores either!

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So you can lose a lot more weight than with traditional dieting models, where it takes a complete lot more effort to get your body to use fat stores. Without the along surges of glucose in one’s body, you’ll have a more constant and reliable way to obtain energy (fat!).

This means you should have increased energy, but even better, your energy will stay high ALL DAY LONG! No more 3pm slump! That is one of why I REALLY LIKE the keto diet! Until you’ve experienced a whole day of clear, focused thinking, then it’s hard to imagine what it feels as though! Hint… it feels awesome!

Our brains need energy to perform. Traditionally that energy comes from glucose, and like the others of our anatomies just, our brain is getting that energy in surges. So when we are in ketosis are brains are getting a constant and steady stream of energy. From the afternoon No more brain fog in the centre! The earlier you can kick-start ketosis the better the human brain shall feel! With no sugar crash associated with carb-based diets, our anatomies can keep choosing longer. So for endurance type sports, ketosis is very useful.