Beauty Shout Box


Beauty Shout Box

After rescuing it from the depths of the bag it was put to the test a couple of days later. I really like, but I do know they’re professionals as it pertains to make-up primers. Primerizer instantly increases moisture and preps skin for makeup in one step. It plumps and moisturizes with niacinamide (which enhances skin’s vitality and barrier repair) and hyaluronic acid (a molecule that holds water within the skin to avoid moisture loss).

Primerizer also smooths epidermis, softens dried out fine lines, and stops makeup from settling into pores. I used in combination with a moisturiser or without and I did so observe that the wear of my make-up was substantially extended, without foundation settling into lines and creases. The inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid is a great skin plumping friend of each skin type.

There are a great many other examples such as this: in the desert where the man blurted out “Oh Allah you are my servant; I am your rub” even the prophet PBUH excused this mistake and smiled at it. The point is, when anyone we realize makes a mistake out of feelings, and then recognises the mistake, you should just move on as the prophet PBUH did.

The prophet PBUH even as we mentioned gave every PoW to the main one who captured him. And he said “I command word one to treat them with kindness”. And Ibn Ishaaq mentions many stories: the brother of Mus’ab ibn Omair, Abu Aziz, said he was assigned to a combined band of ansari. And he said whenever they sat to eat down, they would give him the meat and bread, plus they would take the drinking water and schedules – why?

He himself says “because the prophet PBUH informed them to take care of me with kindness. And out of embarrasment I’d put the loaf of bread back front of these; however they would place it before me” back again. Which is the beauty of Islam: strictness in the time of strictness and kindness when its needed.

And this can be an unmatched treatment of prisoners of battle ever. Our shariah provided these privileges when no other culture provided them. That prisoners were treated royally plus they were given better food. Just imagine, which ruler has ever taken a prisoner of war and let him live in his own house?

This is what makes Islam such a beautiful, practical religion. So the prophet PBUH sent the message back to the Quraysh of the randsom moneys. The right opinion is that each prisoner was presented with a price suitable for him. The wealthy had to pay more; the indegent prisoners paid a lesser randsom so much so the poorest could back without paying anything.

Also every prisoner may the prophet PBUH and their wealth. The ansari came to the prophet PBUH and told him “I’ll gift Al Abbass to you”. But the prophet PBUH said “No – do not reduce it by one coin”. And that ansari got a very high price i.e. 4000 dinar. Not just that, the prophet PBUH told him Al Abbass he should also pay the randsom of Aqil and Nawfal who were both his nephews. Aqil is the oldest, then Ja’much and then Ali. Nawfal ibn Harith, where Harith is the oldest son of Abdul Muttalib.

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So Abbass told the prophet PBUH that “I don’t have any money”. What do the prophet PBUH say? So immediately he said “I swear by the One Who has delivered you, you are the messenger of Allah for no one is aware of this”. And Abbass used to say down the road “Walahi I wished the prophet PBUH acquired taken more because what I got in return was a lot more than he took”. Abbass was a very shrewd businessman.

Its also reported authentically that some captives had no money but could read and write. So the prophet PBUH informed them they could go free if they taught the kids of the Ansar how to learn and write. The prophet PBUH wanted to spread literacy at a time when literacy wasn’t prompted. Also, Islam was a civilisational force: it came to a group that didn’t value culture, history, research, writing and reading etc. It raised the Arabs up to be the leaders of the world and its own truly profound.