To THE VERY BEST Of My Knowledge


To THE VERY BEST Of My Knowledge

To the best of my knowledge, there is no Russian mafia involvement or reference to Rusoro: I used to be incorrect. 6.1 million stocks). They are reputable entrepreneurs and companies. Venezuela has been, shall we say, significantly less than fair in their appropriation of natural resources. In 2007 they nationalized the last international company’s participation in an oil field.

In the mining sector, Gold Fields and Hecla experienced sufficient national and municipality impediments and bureaucracy at their gold projects to persuade them it was best to leave. Their departure benefited Rusoro who acquired the Choco debris from Silver Fields and legitimately, Isidora from Hecla. RML has subsequently been able to work through the issues and turn those procedures around.

Rusoro is now the “company of choice” for the Venezuelan federal government, as evidenced by their jv on the Isidora mine. In Venezuela Elsewhere, Crystallex (a 26-cent stock with reserves of 16.8 million ounces of gold) was denied a mining permit and is awaiting an appeal. Gold Reserve, the other foreign mining company operating in Venezuela, is contesting the revocation of an integral permit by the national authorities on their Las Brisas gold deposit. Both companies are effectively dead in the water as a result of the government.

Your clients are customers of the company, but may become more loyal customers of their professional contact person. Sales transactions because of this type of company can involve an extremely heavy earn out element of protect the customer from a mass exodus of clients because the professionals leave the solid post acquisition and take their clients with them.

Non Compete Agreements – they are just about standard for prudent buyers buying a company and not attempting to defend themselves against the former owner who gets bored with retirement and chooses to start a similar business. Some settlement should be got by Owner for the agreement and the more restrictive the agreement, the bigger the settlement. Stock Sale versus Asset Sale – Most large corporations “have an insurance plan” that they will only do asset acquisitions instead of purchasing the stock of the target company. There are a few very good reasons to get this done. Whenever a stock is performed by you purchase you get all the assets and everything the liabilities both known and unidentified.

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If you go through the reasons buyers have escrow accounts, many of the same known reasons for attempting to do a secured asset acquisition apply. If you’re a small business owner contemplating a business sale and also you want the highest purchase price and the most cash at close, analyze your business based on the factors above. When you can implement changes that correct some of these risk factors you improve your odds of your best leave. About the Author (HTML)Dave Kauppi is a Merger and Acquisition Advisor and President of MidMarket Capital, representing owners in the sale of privately kept businesses. We offer Wall Street style investment banking services to lower mid market companies at a size appropriate fee structure.

There were also some details regarding how the managers proceeded to go about profiting from the greedy and irresponsible activities of major banks. The book’s concentrate on the personalities and specific decisions of the managers made for an interesting and provocative read. Posted by Dividend Growth Machine at 6:03 PM No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!