Supplemental Security Income (SSI): MAKE AN APPLICATION FOR Benefits


Supplemental Security Income (SSI): MAKE AN APPLICATION FOR Benefits

You can start your application online by filling out an Adult Disability Report, nevertheless, you must complete it by telephone or personally. Note: If you are approved, you will get SSI benefits for the entire time since the date you applied. That’s why you should apply at the earliest opportunity.

If you don’t have everything ready for the application, that’s OK – you can still apply and send any lacking information later. Are homeless or vulnerable to becoming homeless. Utilize the Social Security Benefits Advocacy Directory to find a company near you. For more information, Speak to a Hub expert.

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Note: You don’t have to have a fixed address. If you’re homeless or have a fixed address don’t, you can get SSI still. Read Social Security’s Spotlight on Homelessness. Proof of U.S. citizenship if you were created outside the U.S., like naturalization papers or your U.S. If you are not just a U.S. For more details, contact your local Social Security office.

Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of doctors, therapists, private hospitals, clinics, and other people who have treated you. The SSI application can take four weeks or longer. Medical Assistance (MA), free coverage of health for people with low to moderate income, including most people who get SSI. Learn more in DB101’s MA Overview article.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a regular monthly benefit for people with low income that helps purchase food. Find out more in DB101’s SNAP article. Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP), a monthly payment for family members with children that helps parents find work also. Find out more in DB101’s MFIP article. General Assistance (GA), a monthly cash benefit for individuals without children.

Note: When SSI begins, some of your retroactive SSI benefits will automatically repay the GA program for benefits you got while waiting for your SSI application to be approved. Learn more in DB101’s GA article. You can apply for these benefits at the county human being services agency by email or in person.