Publishing … And Other Forms Of Insanity


Publishing … And Other Forms Of Insanity

How do you ensure that your manuscript has no errors before sending it to a publisher? I think you can send it to multiple visitors to modify and it still may not be perfect. It might be really nice to know someone in the publishing business to ask what they think you should change about your manuscript! Don’t get worried about excellence.

If you have written a convincing tale, an editor is probably not heading to reject your ms on the basis of a few words that escaped spell check. However, if the first web page is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors an editor’s patience will be quickly fatigued and the ms will be tossed.

The irony is that the type for many books is now set abroad and I’m seeing more and more typos, even in books by best-selling authors. Although an editor may have sent in a “perfect” ms, it shall oftimes be less than perfect when some international typesetter gets through with it. Erica, thanks for all of this great information.

I intend to share this prosperity. Surely there are more publishers of poetry anthologies than you list. If you want, you can do more research yourself to find the few poetry publishers that accept unsolicited submissions. There are 23 publishers on this web page that accept poetry. Scroll to the Poetry section. Hi Ken, You can find dozens of poetry publishers acknowledging manuscripts from authors.

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Before I place them on this list, I research just how many books they’ve released, the terms of their agreements (when available), and whether they are available to submissions still. Once I’ve assembled a whole list, I post it on my blog, and on this page. Where did you read that Dial Press much longer allows unsolicited manuscripts no? According to their submission guidelines, they are doing. If they’ve transformed their policy, I would like verification. Erica, thank you for your exhaustive and meticulous list. I am querying agents (unsuccessfully) and I believe I am going to give this a try. All the best for you and thanks a lot again!

I have just finished writing my “Memoirs of the Exotic Dancer” (I was a dancer for 17 years) and also have no idea what to do with it now. None of the web publishers you listed appear to match the design of my book. It could are categorized as Non Fiction. This absolutely seems as if it is a memoir, so long as there is certainly nothing fictional about any of it.

If you include a timeline of when and where you were blessed, make it more fact-based generally, it may fall under autobiography. Hi Trish, this is a set of publishers that accept unagented memoirs. I’ve not checked them to see if they are still in business, or if any of them are vanity presses. I am prepared to send my ms to a publisher. My problem is do an agent is necessary by me?

How do I understand if the posting company is an excellent one? Its not necessary an agent for just about any of the web publishers with this list. And all the publishers on this list are reputable. If you want to know more about writers’ encounters with publishers, you can type the name of the publisher and “absolute write” into a google search. Absolute Write is a forum where writers post their experiences with agents and publishers. It’s a good way to get information.

How do publishers feel about books that have been self-published. Mine can be found Amazon, but I’m searching for a publisher to give them a fresh look and more visibility. I’m thinking about publishers in the UK, for example. Publishers have a double standard when it comes to self-published work. In case your book is a success, they may be more than pleased to submit it.