Incoming UK PM Johnson’s Stance On Iran, Trump, Huawei And The Economy


Incoming UK PM Johnson’s Stance On Iran, Trump, Huawei And The Economy

LONDON, July 23 (Reuters) – Former international minister Boris Johnson was elected leader of Britain’s regulating Conservative Party on Tuesday, and will take over as best minister when Theresa May steps down on Wednesday. He has so far shown little sign of moving nearer to U.S. President Donald Trump’s more hardline approach, instead stating he decided with the position taken by European countries to encourage a return to diplomacy. He has said he would not back armed forces action presently.

A final decision on whether to include China’s Huawei in Britain’s 5G telecoms network has been stalled by May stepping down. Johnson has said while there may be significant advantages to investment from other countries, he would not compromise Britain’s national security infrastructure. Johnson is willing to maintain a solid relationship with america and British media have reported he could be considering a trip to meet Trump early in his premiership. His reluctance to antagonise Trump was evident previously this month when he didn’t protect Britain’s ambassador to Washington after diplomatic memos where Kim Darroch defined Trump’s administration as “inept” were leaked to a paper.

Instead Johnson said he had a good romantic relationship with the White House and it was “very important that we should have a close friendship, a detailed partnership with america”. Johnson has since said Darroch informed him the lacklustre support was a factor in his decision to resign. Throughout a leadership controversy, Johnson did criticise Trump for his remarks about four congresswomen but declined to describe the remarks as racist. Johnson has vowed to spend billions of pounds on public services, tax and infrastructure slashes including promises to increase spending on education, transport, superfast law enforcement and broadband and end a open public sector pay freeze.

He has said he’ll utilize the 27 billion pounds of “fiscal headroom” that has built up in the public finances, discussing the difference between your government’s target for the budget deficit and its projected size. British press have reported he could be preparing an emergency budget including intense taxes slashes, an overhaul of the stamp responsibility property taxes and an assault on regulation if there is a no-deal Brexit.

During Johnson’s time as mayor of London he championed financial services but has been aiming to repair ties with company professionals after an expletive against business. Johnson has said there is room to make tax cuts and has pledged to raise the level of which the higher rate of income tax is paid. He also wants to raise the threshold of which people start to pay National Insurance. He has also said Britain should cut business fees but has indicated internet giants could be forced to pay more.

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