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When asked by Kiplinger about financial planning for individuals, President Obama said recently, “Spend on things that will increase your efficiency as well as your income over the long term.” I agree with this sentiment. I get worked up about purchasing items and services that can multiply the total amount I’ll earn during the period of my career.

It’s money well spent. Abundance Bound is made on the school of thought that knowledge improves your wealth. I point out this estimate because in the email I recently received a workshop flier. It was the 3rd piece that week. If I visited every great-sounding workshop, I’d never work. Auditions and customer needs would be out the home window.

  • Supports C#, Visual Basic, C++, TypeScript, F#, JavaScript, Python, etc
  • Deposit $1,000 within 20 business times of account opening
  • Our 120 full-time students stand for the smallest course size among the top business universities
  • King Charles will go on a royal tour

I’d spend all my time in class. From a financial perspective purely, there’s a simple equation you may use to answer this question. How long after the workshop shall I have to work to visit a comeback justifying the price? There are just two factors at work here. First, you will need to calculate the value of the workshop.

It should be easy to determine whether a class can help you enjoy better paychecks. You should intimately know your expertise and be able to determine which workshops will broaden your capability to make income. I use what “ought to know,” because I usually appear to meet a person in a workshop who is obviously already an expert of the topic matter.

Sometimes we attend a workshop because psychologically it does make us feel good. Although it’s good to feel masterful, it’s generally advisable to avoid workshops that will not broaden your repertoire. The next factor is, of course, money. Just how much does the workshop cost? That number is easily accessible and from there, it’ll be easy to either justify the time spent or take a pass on the opportunity. There are ways to make it beneficial to attend more workshops.

What if you could raise the value and lower the price of the workshop? Obtaining more value isn’t difficult. Create a research group with other participants and talk about knowledge. Listen to podcasts or read books on the same material to cement your learning. Utilize the subject material to internalize newly-acquired practices immediately. It is also easy–but less well known–to lower the cost of some workshops and continued education. Here are a few.