10 Top Inspirational Quotes For Attracting Prosperity


10 Top Inspirational Quotes For Attracting Prosperity

Persistence and perseverance are essential qualities to becoming successful in life. It’s your willingness to persevere — to persist without exception — that is going to enable you to accomplish what you want to accomplish. And it’s what enables you to ultimately catch the attention of the abundance and success you frantically want in your life.

You can call this characteristic whatever you like — persistence, determination, tenacity, perseverance, doggedness, tenaciousness, power, or purpose — but whatever you call it, it is a common trait in every successful person. Among my favorite books is The Travelers Gift by Andy Andrews. In the written book, he describes what he calls the seven decisions that determine personal success.

The 7th decision is this: I’ll persist, without exception. Successful people persist without exception. Without exception means that. It means that you discover a way when there is no way. That is when most breakthroughs occur. What is your pattern? Do you quit at the first indication of trouble and stop moving, or do you change course and excersice forward in any manner you can with an focus on remaining in motion? The full minute you stop, you have sealed your failure. If you never persist, you will always fail.

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Exhibit enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is such an integral ingredient because when the going gets tough and you also are inclined to become discouraged, it is your passion that provides the energy you need to keep going. Are you bringing enthusiasm to what you want to accomplish? Trust in your opinions. It’s been said that everyone, including you, has at least one million money idea. Yet few will react on the idea and much fewer still will stay with it. Day In the event that you knew your idea was guaranteed to cause you to rich one, for how long would you anticipate to stay with it?

Stay in movement. If you are taking a road trip and encounter a roadblock or barricade, do you look for a detour or do you turn around, go home back, and cancel the trip? You keep looking for ways around of course. Therefore it may mean you move gradually, but the point is you are moving. Master your craft. Rarely do things come easy, specially when it is a fresh field or subject area about which you are new.

For example, if you take up a business for the first time, you shall not be an instant expert at it and will certainly make some mistakes. The fourth and third tries are about learning and becoming an expert at the art. Stay committed. To persevere is not glamorous. If you are committed to a particular end result truly, it is your vision of that result that maintains you going. At any true point in time, it can be very hard work to persevere in the face of little or no apparent progress. Ask yourself, how committed to the outcome you wish are you truly?

Edison failed at perfecting the lamp 2000 times! What do you suppose would have happened had he concluded it was impossible? Just what exactly about you? Do you want to leave a legacy of “could have, would have, and really should have” or a legacy of things you are very pleased to have accomplished?

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