Please Don’t Abandon My Blog Kk?


Please Don’t Abandon My Blog Kk?

Please Don't Abandon My Blog Kk? 1

D I know I’m imagining to blog about pizzas first but I can’t avoid the pictures of these sweet snacks that I wish to share with everyone! Here’s a post to brighten your last day of the weekend before we begin another hectic week of work! Four places to check out for nice & savory snacks! Simply spell STRESSED the other way around and it would be DESSERTS!

So, .Here’s a compilation of four cafes for the great tooth in you! I’m convinced many of you have been to one of the stores for the large variety of yummy goodies! My preferred store is the Raffles City one! Probably, cos I did not get any good service from the Eng Hoon St electric outlet when I went there the other time. It had been too too congested for my liking.

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It must be the chocolates croissant! When you have it while it’s piping hot, it is simply heheehee heavenly! I’ll order this whenever I check out the Tiong Bahru Bakery always! Do try this out! D Thousand apologies for neglecting this space for the past 2 weeks.Please, don’t give up my blog ok?

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