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Got a “mountain of evidence” for Satan? Your replies to this thread haha. You demand evidence of evolution. What evidence would you accept? I demand proof God. I say that only DNA can create DNA. Is it possible to show that God can create DNA from it’s raw materials? I say nobody has ever seen God produce DNA, let a cell alone.

You best evidence from your “mountain of proof” on the creation technology side is that DNA can not be created by chance? A fact no one disputes. Very unimpressive display of evidence. There is absolutely no mountain of evidence. There is absolutely no clump of jello, so are there no replies from the evolutionist peanut gallery. 563. We have God creating humans and pets on the 6th day in Genesis and we’ve found out a mountain of wonderful evidence for God’s work from analyzing their cells. You accepted it is truth that DNA can’t be created by chance.

God will not play dice as claimed by Hawking. We live in a deterministic world and a quantum world of superdeterminism even, i.e. quantum entanglement. To put it another way, your fate was already driven. Sorry, but there is absolutely zero evidence for your gods or any of gods preceeding your gods.

Your responses about DNA are spectacularly incorrect. Hereditary variance may be random, however the natural selection that acts on that variance is not. Adaptation is non-random, as it is the result of objective criteria for fitness. Your comments about “chance” in regards to to the physical world are incorrect for various reasons, a few of which relate with your religious extremism.

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1. Individuals do not evolve. 2. Populations have plenty of genetic variation for every physical trait they have. 3. Natural selection chooses what genetic variation helps fitness, and what hereditary variance hinders fitness. The entire population experiences a noticeable change in gene frequency as the fit genes become more common over time, and the unfit genes become rarer.

4. This leads to the matching physical trait evolving in direction of better fitness. 5. Since these features have genes coding for them already, they aren’t acquired. These are completely inheritable therefore. 6. Genetic deviation is constantly being put into by random point mutations on the DNA molecule.

Some of the new variance makes the pets somewhat less fit, some makes it healthier somewhat, & most makes no difference whatsoever. 7. As natural selection proceeds to do something on the genes (both old and new) populations can eventually reach a spot where all the old genes for a certain characteristic have been changed by the recently evolved genes. 8. Physical characteristics therefore haven’t any theoretical limit to the direction or extent of progression they can experience.