Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Dry & Sensitive Skin Care Routine


Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Dry & Sensitive Skin Care Routine

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Dry & Sensitive Skin Care Routine 1

To me, a skin care program is extremely important and I for just one stick to mine religiously. In my early teens I suffered with problematic skin really, day that I would develop my very own routine and stay with it so I made a decision one. Over the years I’ve definitely seen a noticable difference in my own skin overall and I very rarely get blemishes. The main thing with skincare is to obviously find the appropriate products that suit your skin type and adhere to them!

If you’re constantly swapping up and using different products, your skin layer won’t react to them properly and it’ll have no lasting effect. I’ve sensitive skin that is susceptible to dryness – my jaw and eye seem to be the worst affected! THEREFORE I have to find products that pack my pores and skin full of hydration yet at the same time are gentle and relaxing to relaxed the sensitivity.

I’m really happy with how my skin care routine reaches the moment as There is some real gems that work effectively for me. An added bonus is that everything I use can be found on the high street easily, so value sensible I think they’re all amazing! As I have dry pores and skin, exfoliating is a key part of my skin care routine as it can help buff away my problem areas and helps maintain my epidermis feeling smooth and looking radiant.

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My favourite facial scrub is the St Ives Apricot Scrub for delicate skin and despite it being a significant rough facial scrub, I actually find my epidermis looks its best easily use this on a regular basis. I like to use this in the shower before cleansing such that it can really help make my pores and skin feel gentle and even.

Now this cleanser appears to get a lot of combined reviews, but I for one absolutely love it and use it both morning and night to cleanse my skin. The Peaches & Clean cleanser by Soap & Glory is filled with anti-oxidants and vitamins so whilst it gently cleanses away makeup and impurities, it also helps treat my epidermis and leaves it feeling and looking amazing. I love this cleanser so much and I could honestly say it’s helped clear up my skin and definitely keeps any new blemishes at bay.

For makeup removal I always turn to the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (applied on to a large natural cotton pad) as this is outstanding for gently eliminating any type of makeup – including waterproof mascara! I love how refreshing this feels on the skin and exactly how quickly it takes my makeup off without departing any residue on your skin.