I imply, I’ve acquired my fair share of Korean BBQ over time, but they’ve all been alacarte-style, pay for each portion that you eat. So when the darling and I chanced upon this new Korean BBQ Buffet place, we’d to visit in and try just! Having a unpronounceable name decidedly, Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet seems genuine enough for the reason that it’s staffed by a half dozen Korean tai tai’s.

There’s a fairly decent variety on offer. The main one glaring difference between this joint and a more traditional ala-carte one, is the lack of the customary banchan (side dishes). Instead, there’s free flow of soup, kimchi stew (delicious), Korean cup noodles and Pancake. So the drill is easy; Go directly to the counter in the centre, grab your meats, and take it back to your table for barbecuing. Wash and Do it again times often you want however. If you get thirsty, the first (500ml) bottle of water per table is free; you have to cover any additional bottles, though. Ssikkek advertises its’ BBQ grills as using some sort of state of the artwork smokeless barbeque grill.

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It uses infrared light or some other unknown technology. I think the no-frills idea works good. Unlike normal BBQ joint parts where I normally make an effort to order less meats and fill on the grain and/or banchan (aspect dishes), I came across myself eating easily three or four times the amount of meats.

Unfortunately the first two batches were dried out and overcooked (credited to too little grilling skill on my part), but I acquired modified once, the meat is effectively no different from more superior places. What about the purchase price? Dinners, it’s unbeatable affordability. You need to turn up early, though, because the restaurant fills up fast (reservations not accepted), and the queue gradually moves extremely. Ssikek is on the 4th floor of Tampines 1 retail center. The BBQ Buffet concept is a genuine champion – added bonus for it being fairly near my work place / home.

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