South Dakota Road Trip Vacation In The 1950s With Family Photos


South Dakota Road Trip Vacation In The 1950s With Family Photos

You are asked to become listed on our two households on a summer holiday in the 1950s even as we made a road trip from Wisconsin to South Dakota. Many pictures were taken and can be brought to life once more from a picture record / scrapbook constructed by my Dad after the trip was completed. It is a family treasure and an excellent remembrance of this particular vacation trip.

My youngest brother and youngest cousin remained at home in Oconomowoc with my grandparents who volunteered to keep and amuse them throughout this holiday trip that our two families acquired made a decision to take. Dad and my Uncle Russ drove their vehicles in tandem and kept within sight of 1 another. So if an end was necessary along the true way, hand indicators and car lighting would have been flashed to communicate between the two households in the automobiles. Mother and my Aunt Marge were accountable for the food preparation and we enjoyed many picnics along the way.

The records jotted down by my Dad and taken from the scrapbook will henceforth maintain quotes. The original Corn Palace was built in 1892 and was built of solid wood entirely covered with corn. Not only is this Corn Palace a major tourist appeal for this right part of the country, but the half stop square building homes conventions, basketball games, throughout the year stage shows and many other occasions. After Mount Rushmore we stopped at the small town of Keystone.

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The girls liked searching for Indian outfit jewelry. The youngsters got a large bang out of experiencing their pictures taken with an Indian in front of his Tepee. He offered the kids a real line about how exactly he fought white soldiers and took over as the chief of the tribe from Chief Crazy Horse.

From Keystone we visited Rushmore Cave and required the tour through the cave which took one hour. Huge cave held in natural condition. We next halted at the Cosmos, a location that defies the Laws of Gravity. Following the Cosmos we’d lunch. Then on through the Black Hills National Forest.

Rockerville Gold Town. The town is maintained from the Gold Rush Days. Had a tent theatre Also. Next stop was the Reptile Gardens. Snakes of most kinds. Watched them milk a rattlesnake. They why don’t we pet a tame South American Boa. Organized by a hailstorm whenever we wished to leave. In elements of the Black Hills they had hail stones how big is baseballs. Wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t seen them ourselves.

Next on Skyline Drive to the Petrified Forest and also to Dinosaur Park that was on top of a hill looking over Rapid City, South Dakota. Left the cabins at 8 A.M. 85A. Almost too beautiful to describe! Pigtail curves, beautiful bridges, tunnels through rock formations. A whole lot of hill climbing. At about 9:30 A.M.

Custer State Park looking for buffalo. Had to stop along road because of little burros in the street. These were very tame. They ate cookies out of our hands and then would come over to the automobile and stay their heads in to the windows looking for more hand-outs. Next ceased finally Frontier Game Lodge.

Took in regards to a 1 hour horse back ride back into the hills. Still left and ended at campsite for lunch there. Beautiful spot. River running through it with solid rock and roll walls on reverse aspect of the river. Water so clear maybe it’s drunk by you. All pine and birch trees. Next we drove up to the very best of Mount Coolidge. Continued on through Custer State Park.

Saw three distinct herds of buffalo. Drove on into Wind Cave National Park. Saw one lone deer up to now. Saw more buffalo then stopped at Prairie Dog Town. Lots of little prairie dogs – cute little fellows. We then discovered a spot where they were nourishing the buffalo. They were all over the street and on both relative sides.