5 Important Lessons I Learnt From 100 Failed Startups


5 Important Lessons I Learnt From 100 Failed Startups

Success never emerged possible for me. Nothing was ever handed if you ask me through a magic spoon. Day and night to get to where I am today I analyzed hard and worked. I experienced a whole lot of bumps and roadblocks along the way but I just continued on. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I began a hundred different companies that collapsed eventually.

To some, it may seem that I failed. Yes, I would have lost a thousand bucks or even more maybe, and wasted lots of time but never did I consider myself as having failed. For me, these encounters have taught me a great deal not only on how to do business but life in general.

An entrepreneur who’s travelling on the path to failure is one who never launches out credited to concern with failing, losing money, being laughed at or being seen as crazy. Entrepreneurship has to do with unleashing your passion and creativity in doing something you care about. No matter whether your idea is suitable or popular generally.

What issues most is the actual fact that you are so much worried about it to the degree that you are willing to consider the risk of making it a reality. Daring to do the un-dared in order to make change happen is the backbone of entrepreneurship. This implies being fearless to start out despite the uncertainties.

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As a business owner, you create new procedures, generate new ideas, produce services or services and create new means of doing things. I have learnt overtime that there is no business plan or business book that can foretell the future or prepare you fully to be an excelling entrepreneur. Instead, entrepreneurship is about embracing a set of methods and specific activities that want practice to achieve success.

In articles entitled “Entrepreneurship Requires Practice”, Heidi Neck recognizes five important procedures as the practice of empathy, creation, play, reflection and experimentation. For me, a business owner must practice more than other entrepreneurs, study from mistakes and prevent repeating a mistake twice this means going a supplementary mile. A period comes in the life span of a business owner when challenges become overwhelming. You suffer some setbacks till quitting appears like an option.