Computer Hardware Servicing TESDA NC II Exam Reviewer


Computer Hardware Servicing TESDA NC II Exam Reviewer

Computer Communications – A course of in which two or more computers or units transfer’s information, directions, and knowledge. Web – Worldwide collection of electronic paperwork on the internet that users access through Web browser. E-Mail – Or Electronic mail, is kind of mail message that is shipped through the community. Instant messaging – An actual-time internet communication service that notifies you when a number of individuals are online,then lets you change messages, footage, files, audio and video.

Chat rooms – An actual-time typed in dialog that takes place on a computer linked to a network, that also means that you can change messages, pictures, recordsdata, audio and video. Newsgroup – Online areas wherein user’s have written dialogue about a specific topic. Internet telephony – A dialog takes place over the web utilizing a phone related to a desktop laptop. FTP – Internet commonplace that permits or allows user to add or download information.

Web Folder – Often known as HTTP server, permits users publish paperwork and different information. Video conferencing – Realtime assembly over two person, use the internet to transmit audio and video signal. Fax Machine or Computer fax/modem – Transmits and receives documents over the cellphone line. Data is processed in one of two methods: Analog or Digital. Computer Network – A collection of computers and gadgets linked collectively through communications devices and transmission media. LAN (Local Area Network) – A network that connects computers and gadgets in a restricted geographical space akin to dwelling, school pc laboratory, workplace constructing, or closely positioned group of constructing.

Each computer or machine on the community is known as a Node. WLAN (wireless LAN) – Is a LAN that uses no bodily wires. Computers and gadgets that access a wireless LAN must have a constructed-in wireless capability, or the suitable wireless network card, Pc card, or Flash card. Wireless LAN communicates with wired LAN for entry to its assets.

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MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) – Is a excessive speed network that connects native space networks in a metropolitan space equivalent to city or city. WAN (Wide area network) – Is a community that covers a big geographic space (equivalent to a metropolis, nation, or the world) using a communications channel that combines many sorts of media reminiscent of phone traces, cables and radio waves.

The internet is the worlds largest WAN. Network Architecture – Is the design of computers, units and media in a community. Client/Server Network – Server of Host pc, a centralized storage of the world for packages, knowledge and knowledge, additionally controls access to the hardware. Peer-to-peer community – Each computer is known as peer, A easy and an inexpensive community that sometimes connects fewer that 10 peers.

Cross-over community – Connect two laptop utilizing cross over utp cable. Any such connection does not require a community hub or a community switch. Null modem cable – A null modem cable connects to 2 commonplace serial ports for networking two computers together. Null modem cables enable direct information switch with a minimal of setup required.

A null modem cable differs from strange serial cables the same approach as Ethernet crossover cables differ from odd Ethernet cables. Null modem cables reverse the transmit and obtain strains on end to allow direct two-means communication. A null modem cable for PCs ordinarily follows the RS-232 customary and uses the identical serial ports as RS-232 cables.