The title of the article is a question that William F. Buckley at first posed to the British essayist Malcolm Muggeridge in among the best programs ever stated in the PBS tv series Firing Line. Muggeridge replied the question by noting that as a journalist and public commentator, he had noticed human events to get more than fifty years. This personal experience at viewing the devastation following World War II, the effects of communism, and the drop of Christianity in Europe led him to seek out a truth higher than what mankind could alone discover.

It is the steady unfolding of human tragedies that taught Muggeridge that there must be more to the great drama of individual life than what reason can describe. I have read and re-read the transcript of Bill Buckleys interview with Malcolm Muggeridge many times, and I really believe Muggeridge articulated some long lasting truths during that interview.

In this post, I pose and answer the same questions as Muggeridge and compare our answers. During his interview, Muggeridge was a Christian though not just a person in any denomination. Buckley described him as the foremost lay apostle of Christianity. Within a couple of years of his interview, Muggeridge and his wife both became a member of the Roman Catholic Church; however, he continued to be sharply critical of the reforms following Second Vatican Council and preferred the cathedral in its pre-Vatican II ways.

My own experience and history contains a person given birth to and raised in the Catholic church, who ceased participating in mass consequently, because he sensed dry spiritually. I do have no major policy differences with the Catholic church, although I distinguish between comments made to the press by members of the church hierarchy from the ones that would be espoused by Jesus Christ were he alive today. When there are differences between the two, I come down squarely privately reflecting Jesuss own teachings as quoted in the brand new Testament.

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Today, I find that I have a spiritual connection to the Catholic cathedral and frequently attend mass on Fridays followed by a brief rosary service. But I am not spiritually given with public on Sunday. When asked how he found God, Muggeridge laughed that he did not have any kind of Damascus Road conversion, where he was a non-believer 1 day and a believer another. Instead, he found God through “the unfolding of the enlightenment which is full of doubt as well as certainty.

I rather have confidence in doubting. Yes, it is possible, but highly unlikely. Dr. Michael A. S. Guth, Ph.D., J.D. Professor of Financial Economics and Law for several universities with on-line degree programs and an attorney at regulation in Tennessee. He writes legal briefs and appellate briefs for laws firms as well as his own clients.