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AlloSource, located in Centennial, is committed to its success and development in Colorado’s bioscience community. Expanding its Colorado head office by 90,000 rectangular feet in 2012, the business continued the momentum in 2013 by launching a new proprietary allograft found in a broad selection of soft tissue surgical treatments. Most in 2014 recently, AlloSource announced two new partnerships that will broaden their work in stem cell advancement as well as undertake a fresh task with NASA through the area Act Agreement.

This work will enhance microbial research in cells handling for various Mars missions. ViroCyt, Boulder, launched the first Virus Counter in 2011, which includes shown to be faster, more accurate and cost effective than traditional viral quantification methods with results in minutes rather than times or weeks. This season ViroCyt announced the intro of the next generation Virus Counter at the World Vaccine Congress kept in Washington, DC. The technology has already been adopted by the best companies in the areas of viral vaccine development and therapeutic protein appearance. Virocyt’s enhancements are changing the landscaping of virus detection technologies.

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Dr. Duke is an accomplished scientist with over 25 years of experience in cutting-edge biomedical research, and is a tenured faculty member in the Departments of Immunology and Medicine at the University or college of Colorado Denver. He has been instrumental in the introduction of Colorado’s bioscience industry as an executive, inventor, biomedical researcher and serial entrepreneur.

Dr. Duke was involved in the management and development of GlobeImmune, Newellink USA, ApopLogic Pharmaceuticals, Sierra Neuropharmaceuticals, PeptiVir, MenoGeniX and Aurora Oncology. 200 million in financing and helped bring multiple products to human clinical trials. Among the Colorado bioscience industry’s proudest achievements was the creation of the BioScience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program (generally known as BDEG).

Dr. Duke was the generating and visionary push behind the development of BDEG, today making the program what it is. This initial concept in 2006 has now become a national model for state’s seeking to cultivate a bioscience industry of their own. During last year’s Awards Dinner, CBSA introduced a new honor, the Institute Leadership award. This honor was created to identify outstanding initiatives that further the Colorado Bioscience Institute’s objective of providing education, career and labor force development for life science professionals, companies, teachers and students.

This calendar year, CBSA honors one outstanding Institute champion, Jim Rosa, for his command on the labor force training programs. The workforce training programs involve partners with deep content knowledge and a solid commitment to advancing knowledge and closing workforce spaces in Colorado’s bioscience eco-system. CBSA’s 2014 Business Partner of the entire year is Phyllis Arthur, Senior Director of Vaccines, Immunotherapeutics and Diagnostics Policy at the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

Deborah Carnevale is the Director of the Overland SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Biotechnology Program. Under her command, the school’s biotechnology program has received multiple qualifications and grants. Students who have completed the scheduled program have an edge when getting into college. Their advanced research skills in biotechnology has enabled most of them to receive laboratory jobs as university freshmen, a rare opportunity. Her commitment and dedication to her students is commendable.

Ms. Shannon is Principal Consultant for Caliber One Solutions and a dynamic participant on CBSA’s Membership Committee. Her knowledge foundation and relationships locally have proven to be very valuable to the membership efforts of CBSA. Her drive is capable and tireless when getting new associates in to the organization.

Amy also provides great management and understanding through her recommendations to better the committee process. In what of Committee Chair (and 2013 Volunteer of the entire year) Dustin Whistler, the committee is very lucky to have her. Monisha Merchant acts as Senior Policy Advisor to Senator Michael Bennet and is a tremendous innovator for the bioscience industry and the State as a whole. Through the development of the 2011 America Invents Act, Senator Bennet co-authored a provision to determine three United States Satellite television Trademark and Patent Offices. Ms. Merchant’s dedication to the goal of securing a satellite television office in Colorado was truly commendable.

She helped to spearhead the procedure and forged an incredible coalition of general public and private companions which ultimately led to the selection of the Denver site. This achievement can not only better the business owners in the state and also across the region. Ms. Merchant also played an integral role in leveraging her impact and relationships to produce the Blackstone Entrepreneurial Network (BEN) in Colorado. BEN links Get good at Business owners across areas and sectors to aid high growth entrepreneurial activities. Most recently, she facilitated the “Bioscience in Colorado” day where she and Senator Bennet invited key community leaders to explore the industry’s eco-system. The Awards Dinner started with a sticktail reception followed by dinner and the honours program. In addition, the Boettcher Foundation shown its 2014 Class of Boettcher Investigators in the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Program. The function shut with a keynote address by Olympic cycling Parkinson’s and medalist survivor Davis Phinney.