Direct Selling Facts, News And Figures


Direct Selling Facts, News And Figures

Below approximated distributor earnings are based on our Confidential Top Earner Form, open public resources, conventions, up and downline information and are estimated due to the dynamics in pay plans. Business For Home gathers top earners data since year 2007 and we post on a daily basis important Direct Selling News.

Active distributors are using this website to introduce potential customers into the world of Direct Selling and also to show what’s possible. The rates update in real time. For questions please mail to your Support Desk. Disclaimer for ranked top earners: Results undoubtedly not typical. The given information contained in this site is for general information purposes only.

This may be your access in to the online travel business industry. Let’s say you live in a holiday resort town or area and there are 4 golfing courses close by or 3 ski resorts. You represent the travel supplier’s products, finding bigger companions and or resellers that could resell or deliver your client’s products.

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This business is simply a matter of finding other travel suppliers that need sales representatives and finding bigger companies looking for new travel products to market and distribute. You make money by earning a percentage of most future sales booked or earn a set fee per agreement you sign. This would be a smart way to enter the travel business as a part-time business.

You could start with not much investment and build out slowly. Receptive Tour Operators get inbound travelers from international countries. This is a B2B business (business-to-business). The Hybrid – build an Online Tour Operator business that suits individual holiday travelers. Following the business starts offering journeys and or tours, begin to build a Receptive Tour Operator business element.

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Q11. How is the balance amount remaining in the talk about forfeiture a/c after their re-issue handled in the books of accounts? Q1. What’s the nature appealing on debentures? Ans: It is nominal in nature. Q2. What’s the provision of the firms (Amendment) Act regarding creation of Debenture Redemption Reserve?

Q3. In which method of redemption companies are not required to create Debenture Redemption Reserve? Q4. Under which head is the debenture redemption reserve shown in the total amount sheet? Q5. Enumerate the methods of redemption of non-convertible debentures? Ans: Steady income and security. Q7. Why would an investor prefer to invest partly in shares and partly in the debentures of a company? Ans: Capital appreciation in shares and Steady income and security. Q8. What is designed by bearer debentures?