Steve Sailer: ISteve: 3/23/08


Steve Sailer: ISteve: 3/23/08

You would think that somebody inside our huge federal government should do some background checks on the web. For instance, the only job Diveroli has ever held besides working for his father Michael Diveroli was doing work for his uncle Bar-Kochba Botach’s weaponry shop, Botach Tactical, in South Central LA.

So, the type of lessons did young Efraim learn doing work for Botach? QUALITY MERCHANDISE/INEPT CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS! Botach. Great Prices, Horrible CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Shop somewhere else. Poor customer support. NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION ! Please check out this company on the Internet before purchasing anything! Worst Customer Sevice Experience EVER. Cut out the middleman and flush your cash down the bathroom.

Worst Shopping Experience Ever! In other words, Botach Tactical gets affirmative action in government contracting! Indeed, a lot of its reputable business is done with police and military purchasers. Because he’s a Hasidic Jew. Or at least he promises to be on this federal form. Here’s previous NYC mayor Ed Koch’s statement of disbelief that the Reagan Administration made Hasidic Jews the official disadvantaged group. I’m not real clear on precisely what affirmative action goodies Hasidim meet the criteria for as a disadvantaged minority — obviously, they can get help from the Minority Business Development Agency, but I’m uncertain what else. In the event that you know, i want to know.

Despite, or because of perhaps, their Commitment to Federally-Certified and Service Cultural Disadvantage, the Botach / Boteach category of LA is wildly rich. I’m informed there were 800 guests for the marriage of the little girl of Dalia and Shlomo Botach. Shlomo is Yoav’s brother. Just how do it is afforded by them? The Botachs own a lot of downtown LA.

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They live under the radar in the modest Pico-Robertson neighborhood. They send their kids to YULA and Hillel and get scholarships for their large families. Nobody dreams of the huge amounts of money this grouped family accumulated. Yoav (Shmuley Boteach’s father) is the largest owner of warehouses in California. Rumored to be Israelis, their root base are Iranian. The Century Plaza is the best Hyatt Regency hotel in Century City, right nearby to Beverly Hills. 132 per guest, so that’s six numbers right there.

So, this entire story might be another affirmative action scandal, rather like crooked protection service provider Wedtech in the 1980s, whose Italian-American employer certified as Hispanic because his parents got lived for awhile in Puerto Rico. One important aspect of the Wedtech case would be that the Bronx-based company, year which announced bankruptcy past due last, was in a position to benefit greatly from political influence because it was owned by an associate of the minority group. Wedtech’s minority position was predicated on the fact that its creator, John Mariotta, was Hispanic. Mr. Mariotta -the true name is Italian – was born in NY, though his parents came from Puerto Rico.

This can be an issue that troubles me,” said Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the New York Democrat that has been involved with minority issues for greater than a generation. In the end, there have been slave-owning family members in Puerto Rico in the 19th hundred years. Do individuals from those households, too, be eligible as disadvantaged minority group people? The thorniest problem lawmakers face is that in the lack of competitive bidding, a minority-owned company must rely for its contracts on political influence and the subjective perceptions of these with a hang on the Government’s handbag strings. That, subsequently, can open up broad opportunities for corruption.

One Malay appe­tizer is ulam- shoots, leaves, or fruit dipped in or eaten with sambal (pounded chillies and shrimp paste). Rice, after being boiled, is fried with chillies often, onions, and ikan bilis (anchovies) to make nasigoreng (fried rice). Religion. Islam is the national religion however the Malay­sian Constitution ensures freedom of worship. The real variety of different religions in Malaysia is proof of reli­gious tolerance in the united states.